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If you’ve never tried Thai massage before, Spa Week is the perfect time to pop into Thai Sabai in Hollywood or Westwood, CA. They’re a “Best of Citisearch” winner and LA Weekly raves it’s the “Best Thai massage in LA.” Thai massage is a unique healing art that combines yoga, acupressure and massage. It involves yoga-like stretching, principles of Ayeurvedic Medicine, Chinese Acupressure and massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines. It’s done on a mat rather than a table and can last up to two hours! The practitioner might also use their knees, elbows or feet in addition to their hands.

Thai massage can relieve stress, tension, aches and pains, improve circulation, alignment, flexibility and energy, while balancing your mind, body and spirit. Thai Sabai also offers Thai/Swedish Combination, Foot Reflexology, Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage.

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Celebs like Kiefer Sutherland, Michael Keaton, Elijah Wood, Michelle Monaghan and rock band Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry have all visited Thai Sabai. Doane has been playing the drums for over 40 years and it has really taken a toll on his body. He looks to Thai massage for relief and can’t say enough positive things about Thai Sabai. “To be able to get long-term relief, not just a few hours, days or even weeks but months of relief, was something that I did not expect,” Doane tells Spa Week Daily. “I’m delighted that I am the lucky recipient of their gentle expertise!”


Thai Sabai is offering some long and luxurious services this Fall Spa Week. Call now to book your appointment! Hollywood: 323.485.2800 Westwood: 310.801.3912.

90 Min ‘The Best of East and West’ Signature Thai Swedish Combination Massage

90 Min Deep Tissue Massage

90 Min Traditional Thai Massage with Reflexology

Laura Knipping is the Special Projects Editor at Spa Week Daily.

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