Make your home the envy of your friends with these to-die-for crafts from Pinterest.


Now that fall is well under way, it’s time to break out the fall crafts. We may not be the craftiest bunch, but we do love a good DIY. We perused Pinterest and found the most adorable crafts to make your home fall friendly from the inside out. Even if DIY isn’t in your nature, these crafts are super easy to make and use less than six supplies.

1. Pumpkin Topiary

Greet your guests with this pumpkin topiary by Sand & Sisal. It’s a cinch to make with pumpkins, wired ribbon, garland, glue, a box cutter and a large paint stick.

2. Fall Flowers

This floral arrangement with acorns and lentils by The Thrifty Crafter will look perfect on your fall table. All you need is a vase, acorns, lentils, a water bottle, Exacto knife and flowers to top it off.

3. Fall Cone

Switch up your door décor with a fall cone instead of a traditional wreath. Etcetorize glued a piece of scrapbooking paper in a cone shape and filled it with artificial flowers and other odds and ends she found around the house. How creative!

4. Apple Coasters

Purlbee made these apple coasters with just felt, embroidery floss, scissors and an apple pattern. We don’t think we’ve ever seen cuter coasters.

5. Wheat Jars

Spruce up your mantel with these jars from Choose to Thrive. You only need jars, letters and wheat.  They also made another series that read “Fall” so feel free to make it any way you’d like!

Laura Knipping is the Special Projects Editor at Spa Week Daily.

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