We checked in with hair care expert Rodney Cutler of Redken Salons to get some pro advice for taming our tresses this season. 

Photo by The Brandery via flickr.com

Photo by The Brandery via flickr.com

Rodney Cutler is somewhat of a legend in the wonderful world of hair care. This Australian stylist has three salons of his own, and is a Redken brand ambassador. We list these qualifications to prove to you just how worthy his advice is! We had the opportunity to chat with him, and got some great tips to bring back for our dear readers.  Continue browsing for tips about caring for your hair in the cold weather, easy to create hair styles and more.

Cutler’s take on seasonal hair care


In the winter, it is exceptionally important to add moisture to the scalp and hair. My go-to product is Redken’s Diamond Oil. Dry air and static can create bristle and frizzy hair. It’s important to treat hair with moisture and protein-rich products such as Redken’s Extreme Line. We also have a tendency to be slave to the blow dryer in the winter so make sure use products that protect hair from heat damage.

His predictions for next year

New trend: Michelle Williams in the latest Louis Vuitton campaign is spectacular and creating phenomenal buzz. Her grown out pixie with deep roots and bright blonde creates great dimension.

New take on an old trend: While ombre is not going away, it is definitely shifting into a softer, prettier version. It’s more about blending to have gradual, more natural looking color as opposed to high contrast.

Easy reader tips

Style to try: A loose wave curling iron set. Wrap hair flat (not twisted) around a 1 inch barrel without clamping and create deep side part to add some drama.

Hair color: A great way to introduce new color is hair painting. It’s a great way to bring some lightness and color around the frame of your face without fully committing to a new color. It’s also very low-maintenance in terms of upkeep. To find the best color that suits your skin tone and brings out your eyes, consult with a colorist or makeup artist to determine if you should go for warm or cool tones.

Favorite celebrity hair

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Emma Watson. Whether she’s wearing her hair long or short, she’s a true style icon of the current generation.

What’s your favorite hair secret for winter? Tell us in the comments below!

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