COVERGIRL’s Capitol Collection helps you achieve district-inspired beauty looks, just in time for the Catching Fire premiere.  


In honor of the highly anticipated return of Katniss Everdeen to the silver screen, COVERGIRL has created a fiery new makeup collection to pay tribute to well, our favorite tributes. Haymitch, Effie, Cinna and the whole gang will be back together this Friday (in theatres everywhere!), along with plenty of new faces for you to fall in love with.

In The Hunger Games, the Capitol is known for its crazy, over-the-top beauty looks. But COVERGIRL imagines that it’s not just the ritzy Capitol citizens that deserve to be decked out—which is where The Captiol Collection comes in. This line creates looks evocative of each unique District for fans to rep (or just admire) during the Quarter Quell, the Hunger Games 75th Anniversary that pits former victors against each other. Here are a few of our favorite looks:

District 4: Finnick and Mags


Finnick is District 4’s cocky, yet sensitive former winner who takes the arena during the Quarter Quell with partner Mags, a much older winner. They turn out to be loyal allies of Katniss and Peeta. To portray District 4’s trade of fishing, COVERGIRL created a look of blues, greens and shimmering golds. And of course, they didn’t forget the fishnets!

District 7: Johanna and Blight


Johanna is another one of Katniss and Peetas allies in the Quell, when her partner Blight is eliminated quickly. District 7 is known for lumber and Johanna’s main weapon is an axe. To create a rustic look, COVERGIRL used green, gold and brown shades—even some actual tree bark!

District 1: Gloss and Cashmere


Gloss and Cashmere are “career” tributes-from a rich district where they are strategically trained to fight in case they are chosen for the games. District 1 specializes in creating luxury goods for the Capitol. To evoke a look of wealth, COVERGIRL portrays District 1 with a historic, royal beauty look of pale skin, dark lips and gold accents.

District 12: Katniss and Peeta


Of course, we couldn’t leave out the stars and heroes of The Hunger Games: Katniss and Peeta of the infamous District 12! For the rough, poor mining district, COVERGIRL imagines darker shades of grey and bronze—with a bit of yellow and red thrown in to mimic everyone’s favorite “Girl on Fire.”

Would you wear any of these beauty looks to the theatre? Who is seeing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire November 22nd?

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Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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