Wild Justice-1Wild Justice begins as we find our heroine, Nadia Stafford, in a sticky situation. Nadia is your average part-time lodge owner, part-time hired hitman. She was hired to kill an abusive husband, but his wife shows up to the scene of her hit, and Nadia is not one to put any innocent bystanders in danger. She makes the reluctant decision to skip the hit and figure out the best time to try again.

Nadia learns the next day that her intended target, as well as his wife and daughter, all ended up dead that night at the hands of the husband. Naturally feeling like she’s to blame, Nadia goes into a reclusive state. She is eventually discovered by fellow hitman, Jack, who comes to her rescue and pulls her out of despair by delivering her something she has been longing for for the past 20 years—the path to justice.

Twenty years ago, Nadia’s cousin Amy was raped and killed, and she has been trying to right other’s miscarriages of justice to make up for it ever since. Now, Jack has located Amy’s killer, Drew Aldrich, and is taking Nadia to his hometown. Wild Justice unfolds as Nadia and Jack find Aldrich and figure out exactly what to do with him. What Nadia doesn’t realize is what else this discovery will uncover, and how it will affect her.

I couldn’t put this book down. Even never having read the first two books in the Nadia Stafford series, I was able to follow along with ease, as Armstrong gives a strong enough backstory that no details felt excluded. Readers who love suspense thrillers will eat this book up in just a couple of sittings.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.