skinnygirlSkinnygirl Solutions aims to be a comprehensive lifestyle guide that maintains Frankel’s “simple ideas, extraordinary results” mantra. She gives advice on how to make the best everyday decisions for living like a “Skinnygirl” – from healthy eating/recipe suggestions to fitness and exercise tips for the modern day, cosmopolitan woman on the go. She also delves into beauty regimens, shopping/fashion recommendations, home cleaning and organization, entertaining, career planning, entrepreneurism and how to create work-life balance.

Whether you’re a mother learning how to better manage work and family or a single professional (like me), there’s definitely something to be learned by all types of women in Skinnygirl Solutions. Right from the get-go, Frankel successfully engages the reader—she takes the big sister method in introducing herself, her ideas and her goals. She is accomplished; however, she admits that she is by no means perfect, making her relatable. Her voice is candid without bordering offensive; it’s just the right amount of sincerity with a sense of humor.

There are certain sections of the book that I ate up, literally—her recipes and meal tips for specific types of days were my favorite part (how to be a smart eater on a sick day, a hangover day, a PMS day, etc). I’m a 29 year-old professional (and single) so this content is still very relatable to me. I’m not a mom and I’m also not looking to start my own business anytime soon, so information like how to eat out with and shop for your kids, and the entrepreneurial guidance I could do without.  If/when that time does come though, I’ll have Skinnygirl Solutions on my bookshelf to reference.

Kelly Verdi is a guest book reviewer for Spa Week Daily.