Dr. Lynn Berman of Spring Forward PT is revolutionizing the practice of physical therapy through a carefully considered approach of treating not only an injury but delving further into a patient’s lifestyle to uncover the root of the issue and providing patients with an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. With Dr. Berman’s extensive knowledge of the body and how it moves, he and his team can help patients recover from an injury and uncover why the injury occurred often relieving a whole slew of pain issues that can go misdiagnosed.

“An accurate diagnosis is the first step in getting appropriate physical therapy,” says Dr. Berman. “So often our patients feel pain in one area of their body that is the result of an injury somewhere else. Our goal is to not just examine their pain but also their lifestyle to uncover the root of their discomfort.”

While for some, physical therapy is required as a result of an accident, Dr. Berman says most of his patients suffer from injuries resulting from everyday activities and can be everything from running and group fitness classes to carrying your toddler or overuse of your smartphone. There are hidden dangers in every movement: certain body parts are more susceptible to injury and something as simple as age-related changes can lead to injuries. Fortunately, Dr. Berman says we don’t have to take the good with the bad.

There are simple self-tests that can be done to better understand our own body and even exercises to strengthen injury and even prevent injury. We’re excited to have Dr. Lynn Berman on our panel of expert so he can bring our readers tips and suggestions on how to do this. Check out a short Q&A with the doctor below, and be sure to check Spa Week Daily for more advice from Dr. Lynn Berman.

1. What is a first session like at a Physical Therapist’s office?

I always say that injuries are like snowflakes – each is uniquely different, even if they are the same. This is when the patient tells their side of the story and we determine the diagnosis. Even more important, we assess all contributing factors to determine a plan of care to treat their injury. I always love the first visit because it’s the moment that the patient becomes empowered with a plan that they have control over. At this visit, they begin to turn an area of vulnerability into an area of strength.

2. What is the most common injury you see?

Osteoarthritis and joint wear. Additionally, the most common “theme” that we see is injuries that are caused by using an area of the body improperly. For example, the knee is just a hinge. It simply wants to bend and straighten. However, incorrect hip support or a foot that isn’t properly shock absorbing will lead to excessive wear on the knee joint. Often a knee injury isn’t what’s wrong but instead is the resultant source of wear and pain due to a problem elsewhere in the leg.

3. What is the most out there patient story you have come across?

One of my favorite stories is about this patient of mine who is 80 years old and has run dozens of marathons. He had to stop running 30 years ago because his knee is now bone on bone. I told him that if we corrected enough mechanical issues and properly supported the joint then he would be able to resume jogging again. He said he would settle for being able to walk without pain but was appreciative of the optimism. Months later, he was back to occasionally jogging and he is now also a close friend of mine. When I ran the NYC Marathon in 2010, he braved the cold weather on 1st Avenue to cheer me on.

4. What is an injury that can easily be avoided, but you see it often?

Back and neck issues that are caused by poor posture and incorrect work setups. Your spine is like a skyscraper. You want a solid foundation and you want each floor of your building to be stacked properly on top. If your building is leaning over, it’s just a matter of time until cracks start forming in the walls.

5. What is your mission at Spring Forward Physical Therapy?

Our mission is to set the bar in rehab. Our goal is to fix you faster than expected and leave you in better shape than before the injury. No matter if we are helping elite athletes or the typical weekend warrior, we plan our care based on the individual and not just on the diagnosis. We look to address the cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms so that we actually fix the issue behind the injury and not just calm it. When a person turns to us for help, we take that very seriously and we work tirelessly to reward that trust in us.

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