Hot Mom Angel shares her experiment with an interesting new wellness trend with Spa Week.


Confession: I am an internet trawler.

I scour the abyss of online information every free moment I find. I peruse the sales of stores in countries I’ve never been. I pour over blogs comparing my life to the glimpses of others. I get ideas in my head from my online explorations, both good and bad – like the life-changing pork roast that has found it’s way to every family celebratory buffet for the last few years (good) or the time I self-diagnosed with an incurable malady (bad).

For the most part all the tidbits I absorb collect in my mind, waiting for an occasion to surface and make me look awesome or awesomely foolish. We’ve all been there, right?

Oil pulling is one bit of information I’ve discovered and decided to try. I’m intrigued. It just sounds interesting and worthy of an investigation.

A centuries-old method of oral hygiene, oil pulling is also said to help with everything from achieving a clear complexion to improving kidney function. The concept behind oil pulling is that harmful toxins and problem-causing bacteria are leached out in the oil when it is swished in the mouth for as part of frequent regime.

It seems like an easy method to remedy plaque and tarter build-up and terminate bad-breath, if nothing else. And it’s just up my alley as I am not so fond of the chemicals found in many toothpastes and mouthwashes.

I am not expecting overnight miracles but here goes nothing, I’ve embarked on a slick swish-and-spit journey to a cleaner mouth and whiter teeth; whatever other benefits I achieve will be icing on the cake.


The three things to remember when oil pulling are:

Choose a quality oil. Don’t use vegetable, corn or peanut oil, but instead a cold-pressed, organic, unrefined oil, like olive, sesame or coconut oil. Be sure it is organic and all-natural – read your labels. I chose to pull with coconut oil for the other health benefits it offers, such as its anti-fungal properties and nourishing properties. Plus, it has a mildly sweet taste making it pleasant and palatable.

Start small and work your way up. The recommendation for optimal results is swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. So far I’ve managed a teaspoon for five to eight minutes. Baby steps – I will get there.

Mind your spit. Do NOT swallow the oil when done swishing. Gross. You definitely don’t want to swallow all those toxins you’ve just pulled out. Also, don’t spit the oil into the sink, it can clog pipes and cause a plumbing nightmare. Simply keep a paper or plastic cup handy to expel the used oil, then discard the cup.

I’ve been oil pulling a few days now and I haven’t noticed much difference yet, but I’m not expecting overnight miracles. I know this regime is going to take some time, consistency and dedication.

Hopefully this experiment inspired by my online ventures will prove to be useful knowledge and result in making me look awesome, with gleaming white teeth and glowing skin.

Tune in next month for my full report on how things are coming along.

Angel-150x150Angel is a stay-at-home mama to a feisty, rambunctious toddler girl named Jacquelyn (aka Jax). A lover of all things adorable, Angel enjoys party-planning, cooking, napping with her daughter and date nights with her husband. You can catch up with Angel at Yay! Baby blog where she muses about motherhood, shares delicious family favorite recipes and offers tips for fabulous entertaining. There’s always reason to shout out loud – Yay Baby!

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