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With less than a month to go until Spring arrives, it’s time re-evaluate your beauty habits.  Spend some time over the next few weeks to get organized: toss any makeup that you can’t remember when you purchased it, clean out your medicine cabinet, and use these top five tips to refresh your hair, makeup, and skin routine:

1. Ditch the non-essential makeup from your beauty routine

As the weather warms, we all want the same thing: to get outdoors and be able to finally enjoy the weather!  In the spring and summer months, your skin will benefit from wearing lighter makeup, allowing it to breathe more.  Stick with the basics (congealer, blush, mascara) and you’re guaranteed to get out the door in 2 minutes with a fresh looking face.

2.  Update your color palette to include the Pantone Color of the Year

Each year the Pantone Color Institute picks the color of the year.  For 2014, they’ve chosen Radiant Orchid.  Give your makeup and nail polish colors a boost this season by incorporating a bright pop of color.

3.  Embrace exfoliation

Warmer weather typically means showing off a lot more skin.  Make sure your skin is prepped and ready this spring by exfoliating on a regular basis.  Dry brushing is a great way to slough off the dead skin and stimulate your lymphatic system in the process!

4. Give your hairstyle a makeover

There’s no doubt that the winter can leave all of us (hair included!) looking a bit dull. Even if you’re not ready to commit to full blown cut, a trim and some subtle highlights can go a long way.  This list of do’s and don’ts will help you to leave your hair appointment happy.

5. Invest in a good facial mask

Face masks have the ability to renew dull and dry skin.  By incorporating them in to your routine once or twice per week, you can boost your complexion and achieve a natural looking glow, while fighting signs of aging.

Any other tips for refreshing your beauty routine?  Do you exfoliate and use face masks regularly?


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