Celebrities are obsessed with stacked rings, and so are we! Here’s how to rock the Hollywood trend!

Photo By Erin Kohlenberg via flickr.com

Photo By Erin Kohlenberg via flickr.com

Less is certainly not more when it comes to drool-worthy jewelry dripped in diamonds and gold, which explains Hollywood’s latest obsession with stacked rings. The trend first started with the genius introduction of midi rings (they rest above the knuckle) and has since evolved in a very fashionable way.

In fact, stacked rings seem to have taken on a life of their own, with A-listers wearing them at laid-back lunches and on the red carpet alike. Fortunately for us mere mortals, the ultra-glamorous trend is totally doable, and it has the potential to up the ante on even the most basic ensembles. Check out our favorite celebrity takes on the trend, and start stacking!


Let’s be honest, Rihanna can basically do no wrong, but these stacked rings are so major! If you’re as fashionable and fearless as RiRi take a cue from her and try chunky rings in similar shapes and sizes. Don’t hold back, either, because as you can see from this stunning shot – the more the merrier!

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has finally stepped out of her sisters’ shadows, and she has a bold new style to prove it. Having recently been spotted sporting some edgy new looks, Khloe must have also caught wind of the stacked rings trend. If you’re going for a similar look, pick up a set of extra-thick bands and stack away. As you can see, there’s no rhyme or reason so don’t hesitate to switch it up!

Lauren Conrad

If Lauren had a style mantra we think it would be simply chic because she always seems to pull off just that. Therefore, the obvious choice for the the former Hill’s star is an understated version of the stacked rings trend, and we must say – it totally works! If Lauren’s spin suits your style, pick up a few dainty rings with adorable details and stack away!

Rachel Zoe

Rachel’s stacked rings ooze elegance thanks to the regal color scheme of red and gold. A classic combination, it’s obvious that this pairing makes a serious statement, and it certainly has the potential to upgrade any outfit. Take a cue from Rachel and pair cool animal-inspired rings with sleek diamond and gold designs, and your stacked ring style will be top-notch.

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