If you could use some more sleep, try these tricks that ensure full rest and relaxation!

Photo By Kris Krug via flickr.com

Photo By Kris Krug via flickr.com

Between our professional and personal lives it often seems that there are simply not enough hours in the day, which often results in not enough hours of sleep. In fact, amidst our hectic schedules many of us don’t even realize that our bodies are not getting the rest and rejuvenation that they truly deserve.

While our favorite way to set-on sleep is a relaxing massage or soothing facial, it’s not every day that we can indulge in these treatments, (although we wish we could!) which is why we sought after the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting better sleep. Try out our tips for catching more Z’s and watch the benefits unfold!

Slowly Sleep More

As we mentioned before, it’s easier said than done when it comes to squeezing an extra hour of rest into our day. That’s why the best way to get more sleep is to slowly incorporate into your schedule. Instead of springing for eight hours when you’ve been rationing a mere six, try going to bed just 15 minutes earlier than normal. After one week, go to sleep another 15 minutes earlier and within a month you’ll see yourself getting a full hour more of rest per night.

Take Away the Technology

We know, it sounds like a ludicrous proposition to ignore your buzzing iPhone, but studies have shown that the light from phones, computers and televisions tricks the brain into staying awake. Say goodnight to your cyber world an hour before bed, so when it’s time to lay down sleep comes more easily. If you’re afraid you’ll be bored to tears, try reading a book or magazine, or even trying a new hobby like crochet. Just make sure you use dim lights!

Mellow Your Mind

If you’ve been suffering from the dreaded 3 a.m. wakeups with no return to sleep in sight, than this trick will be a breath of fresh air. Especially if you live in a city, or even a creaky house, you know how quickly the mind can be consumed by the smallest of sounds. To counteract this phenomenon, try turning on a fan or a soothing sound machine that rhythmically lull the mind back to sleep.

If these sleeping tricks still don’t work, well, then we guess you’ll just have to go to the spa every night! Don’t worry though, because during Spa Week  from April 21-27 ultra-relaxing treatments are only $50! Head over to spaweek.com to book your appointment… or appointments… today!

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