Hot Mom Spa Squad Member Bekah shares tips for keeping the kids active during spring’s unpredictable weather.


Spring can be a tough season for families to stay active. The weather is up and down, and between extra rain and thawing snow, in many parts of the country it’s hard to get kids outside without getting muddy and wet. Regardless, it’s still important to stay active and help keep the whole family on the move. Here are some bright ideas for families with kids of all ages to stay active:

Active video games

If you have a video game console like the Wii or Kinect, take advantage of movement-based activity games. There are many out there that offer at least a moderate workout, and younger kids can mimic parents or older kids. Kid-friendly workout DVDs are also available.

Active board games

Classic board games like Twister or modern games like Sturdy Birdy encourage whole-body movement. Families can also make up their own games. For example, use a deck of cards, assigning each suit to an activity and performing that activity for the number you draw. (So the 10 of clubs would stand for 10 crunches, as one option).

Inexpensive props

Some toys and household objects encourage movement. Furniture gliders can become indoor skates. Beanbag toss and knee hockey can make safe indoor games as well. Large bouncy balls, collapsible tunnels, and exercise trampolines also make space-saving large-motor options.

If you’re cooped up inside, you can still encourage large motor activity. It’s a healthy for you and your kids!


Bekah blogs at Motherhood Moment where she writes about parenting topics – family activities and meal ideas, saving money and time, and much more. She lives in Minnesota and works as an online teacher and freelance musician. In her free time she enjoys family activities with her husband and their two young daughters.

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