The most dangerous chemicals in beauty products are being uncovered in a new app called Think Dirty.

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While organic diets have become increasingly common in the U.S. thanks to startling information about the dangers of chemicals and pesticides, consumers are still being exposed to toxins in an unlikely place.

That’s because many of us remain blindly unaware of the hidden dangers that lie within our beauty products. Think of it this way – our skin is the largest organ in the body, so what we put on it has a pretty widespread effect. And if we’re slathering up with harmful chemicals, some of which are even believed to cause cancer, than this poses a serious threat to our health and wellness.

This is what Lily Tse, a Toronto entrepreneur, was thinking when she came up with her new app called Think Dirty. With a breast cancer surviving mom, Tse quickly became aware of the potential dangers of beauty products. “I pay a lot of attention to food and a lot of other stuff, but then I realized that cosmetics and beauty are like a taboo,” she explained.

Tse’s new app breaks the silence on beauty products, however, providing consumers with an easy to use way of detecting unsafe ingredients. The free app not only gives information about almost 70,000 products from North America and Europe, but it also provides safer alternatives to products that are deemed high on the ‘Dirty Meter’.

While Tse’s invention will certainly serve to keep beauty consumers informed, another alternative is to commit to using organic products that are free of hazardous ingredients. Many spas have taken an oath to offer organic products during treatments, and some are even participating in Spa Week! Find one in a city near you, and book now before it’s too late!

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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