Introducing a new exercise device both compact and high-tech enough to allow you to workout anytime, anywhere. 


What’s your number one excuse for not working out? No time? The gym is too expensive? You can’t fit the needed equipment into your 400 sq. ft. studio apartment? We feel ya, but April is officially on the outs, which means Memorial Day Weekend (the unofficial summer kickoff) is just a few weeks away. Luckily for those of us who can’t seem to drag ourselves out of bed to exercise (or stick with any of the above excuses–they work, too), TAO Wellness has created a new device ready to revolutionize your fitness routine.

TAO Wellness includes a handheld device, called the TAO WellShell, and an app which you can use on Android and iOS devices. The app is loaded with over 50 isometric exercises, which contract muscles in static positions.  The flexibility of only needing your TAO and your body to perform these motions allows you to work out on YOUR time, which is what we all really need.

Not only does TAO help tell you what to do, but the TAO WellShell monitors your fitness progression as well, even providing feedback. The sensors track heart-rate, sleep and pedometer steps. It also measures pressure, helping you vary your motions even in an isometric exercise.

TAO is an especially useful tool for video game lovers, because the device also works as a controller. TAO will really help you get into your game while providing a suitable core workout at the same time!

Confused? Check out this video and it makes the whole thing way easier to visualize:


Sound intriguing? We certainly think so! This device sounds like the perfect thing to bring on a trip, where it’s always so hard to stay focused on wellness, and a way for those who can’t (or won’t) work out any other way to get some training done at home. TAO was available on Kickstarter earlier this month, but for anyone who missed out, you’ll have to wait a bit to purchase your own device. Keep checking the website for updates!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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