Mani Monday brings you easy DIY nail art, the scoop on the newest trends, the best new products, celeb manis and more. This week, follow our easy tutorial for a classic beginner nail art look. 

all done1

Manicures have long been a fascination for us here at Spa Week, and we love to bring you the latest and greatest (and weirdest) nail trends! Though no stranger to funky salon manicures, when it comes to DIY nail art, we’re beginners, too. We figured why not grow into pros together? Keep coming back for more tutorials and we’ll keep upping the ante on our difficulty level.

Step 1

First, prep your nails as they would at the salon (to the best of your ability of course), including cutting and filing to whatever shape you prefer. We would also recommend using some cuticle oil to soften the rough area around your nail beds.

Step 2


Paint a base coat of a high quality white. This will help your colors pop and let you really see the pigment. We used Alpine Snow by OPI. Let dry fully.

Step 3

light blue1

Paint the bottom layer on top of the white (ours was OPI’s Can’t Find my Czechbook). Paint this on the full nail as usual. Let dry fully (we let it dry for a whole day to ensure it didn’t smudge!).

Step 4


Cut pieces of regular Scotch tape into small squares. Layer one over your nails in whatever direction you want your diagonal to go in. Stick onto nail and make sure to push down at the edges.

Step 5

tape w blue1

Take your darker color (we chose OPI Eurso Euro) and paint it on the un-taped part of your nail. It’s okay to get some polish on the tape—that’s what it’s there for!

Step 6

thumb done1

Remove the tape and repeat on all nails. Let dry for at least 10-15 minutes.

Step 7

blue w done

Paint on a good quality top coat to ensure your manicure stays chip-free! Let this dry fully before using your hands to ensure that it doesn’t smudge!

Step 8

Use a Q-tip with nail polish remover to carefully remove any polish that got on fingertips.

And there you have it! Your very first nail art design that you can proudly proclaim was a DIY. Keep checking back every Monday for new easy tutorials, the scoop on the latest and greatest nail products, trends, celeb manis and more!

Let us know if you try this and what colors you used in the comments below!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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