Hi everyone, it’s Angel from Yay Baby! blog with my final update on my adventures in oil pulling.


I am thrilled to say that I have finally completed my journey with oil pulling! I should have checked in at 10 weeks, however, I went on vacation and left my coconut oil at home. I suppose I could have bought more oil to continue my experiment, but, well, you know…rest and relaxation prevailed.

It has been 12 weeks since I began oil pulling (minus one week off) and I deem the experience a success.

Fresher breath is the biggest benefit I’ve noticed, along with permanent elimination of chapped lips. I’ve also notice slightly whiter teeth.

During my research I learned that oil pulling can help boost a sluggish immune system by drawing bacteria and toxins out of the body. Colds are common around my house so that was one thing I was hoping to achieve. Unfortunately, I did weather a few fevers, coughs and sniffles over the past 12 weeks but their duration seemed to be shorter than a normal and I never needed antibiotics. That could have been coincidental, but I’ll take it! Either way, occasional illness is expected when you have a toddler and I really wasn’t expecting any miracles. I’ll keep on (oil) pulling and hope for the best.

In the beginning swishing a mouthful of oil for more than 10 seconds was pretty daunting, but I gradually worked my way up to 15-20 minute swish sessions at least twice a day.

While oil pulling is a centuries old health and wellness method it has lately been gaining some mainstream popularity.

If you’re curious about trying it, I recommend you take the plunge and start swishing your way to a fresher mouth and quite possibly, a healthier you!

Just remember these quick tips:

  • Pick an organic unrefined vegetable oil like coconut or sesame oil.
  • Start small – it is recommended to swish an entire tablespoon for a minimum of 15 minutes. I found that impossible, so just start where you can and work your way up.
  • Avoid plumbing issues and do not spit used oil down the drain. Spit it in a paper cup and toss in the trash.

Good luck with your oil pulling adventures!

Angel-150x150Angel is a stay-at-home mama to a feisty, rambunctious toddler girl named Jacquelyn (aka Jax). A lover of all things adorable, Angel enjoys party-planning, cooking, napping with her daughter and date nights with her husband. You can catch up with Angel atYay! Baby blog where she muses about motherhood, shares delicious family favorite recipes and offers tips for fabulous entertaining. There’s always reason to shout out loud – Yay Baby!



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  1. S.C

    I have always wanted to try oil pulling, but didn’t know how or where to start. thanks for the tips! I’m going to try doing it with coconut oil as well. I want to try olive oil, but am afraid the taste may be too much for me to handle.


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