Gearing up for outdoor workouts this spring? Here’s the equipment that will boost your game! 

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As we oh so patiently wait for spring weather to finally descend upon NYC, we’ve been occupying ourselves indoors with preparations for some highly anticipated outdoor workouts – so it’s ready, set go if it ever warms up!

While we do our best to get our exercise in at the gym during the chillier months, there’s something so much more refreshing about working out in the great outdoors. Even among the bustling streets of Manhattan lay surprising sanctuaries like Central Park, that almost make you forget you’re in the city that never sleeps.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that outdoor activities come with their own set of opportunities and obstacles, which is why we recommend stocking up on some equipment first. We consulted the experts, chatted with our friends and personally tried out everything from gadgets to garments, so we could give you the scoop on what’s worth picking up before you head outside to break a sweat.

Synthetic KT Tape

KT Tape

Olympian gold medalist Kerri Walsh backs this high-tech kinesiology therapeutic tape, so we decided to give it a go. Designed to support and relieve muscles, ligament and tendons, this elastic fitness tape can be used both to treat and prevent injuries. Whether your training for a marathon, or sharpening up your tennis game, this pre-cut, waterproof tape will ensure that no obstacle stands in your way.

Synthetic KT Tape available at for $19.99

Free Country Misty Packable Windbreaker


For most of America, spring has been a wild ride of temperature highs and lows, creating a constant struggle when deciding what to wear. This ultra-lightweight jacket could not be a better remedy for that ongoing dilemma because it packs into a built-in pouch, no bigger than a book. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, the Misty Packable Windbreaker is also wind and water resistant, which makes it a perfect fit for fickle spring weather.

Misty Packable Windbreaker available at for $42 (normally $70)

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fit Bit

Okay first thing’s first – this gadget is SO cute! It’s pocket sized, and features a silicone clip that ensures it stays secure and comfortable throughout the day. The Fitbit may be tiny, but its abilities are impressive. It tracks steps, distance and calories burned – all of which can be wirelessly transferred to your Fitbit app or account.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker in Magenta available at for $49.99

Tasc Performance Surprise Stripe 1/2 Tight


These pants are made of bamboo! How? We aren’t exactly sure, but the innovative clothing company explains it here. What we do know is that these pants, which are perfect for outdoor yoga or an afternoon run, are lightweight, breathable, odor-resistant and super-soft. They’re made even more perfect by the fact that they’re UPF 50+, protecting you from 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Tasc Performance Sunrise Stripe 1/2 Tight available at for $68

Yurbuds Performance Fit Sport Earphones with 3-Button Control Dry Mic



If you’re planning on going on a nice long outdoor run, fool-proof earphones are a must! With patented twist lock technology, not even the toughest course will make these buds budge. The outdoor athlete was clearly kept in mind during design, because the earphones deliver quality sound while allowing adequate ambient noise so you can stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

Yurbuds Performance Fit Sport Earphones available at for $59.95

Expedition Backpack 300


If you’re lucky enough to live near some mountainous terrain, you probably can’t wait to get back on the trails and hike through the wilderness. This backpack is perfect for such outings, as it includes food and water storage and containers – an essential when taking a lengthy trek. It’s equally efficient for bike tours and surf sessions, as it contain all the necessities you need for an extended day outdoors.

Expedition Backpack 300 available at for $149.99

What are your outdoor workout must-haves? Have you tried any of our favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.


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