Discover five of the best lesser-known experiences Rome has to offer before your next getaway!


Travelling to the Eternal City this year? Of course you are going to see the Pantheon and the Colosseum, the Vatican and Palatine Hill. You couldn’t leave Rome without taking a stroll on the Ponte Sisto, making a wish on the Trevi Fountain and grabbing a famous Tartufo in Piazza Navona. There is no way that you could miss out on the world-class pizza, pasta, gelato and wine all freshly made in the city with some of the best food in Europe.

We can’t argue that there are some pretty incredible tourist guides and books covering Rome. Here, we have your non-tourist guide to touring Rome. You probably won’t find these spots or activities in any books, but we promise, you’d regret leaving this incredible city without paying them a visit!

Caffe delle Arance

Nestled in Piazza Santa Maria de Trastevere (one of Rome’s more residential areas), this is an incredible spot to people watch in nice weather while taking in the beauty of your surroundings. It is also famous for its blood orange juice! The blood orange trend has seen a rise in popularity stateside, but Rome is the first place that many Americans experienced these exotic treats. Of course, there is nowhere to get fresher food than in Italy, so this is one delicacy your taste buds will truly enjoy!

Castel Sant’Angleo


Okay so this one you might find in a tourist guide, as it is a pretty famous spot, rich with both ancient history and pop culture references (read: Roman Holiday and Angels and Demons). Once intended as a mausoleum for the Roman Emporer Hadrian, Castel Sant’Angelo is underrated as one of the best views of Rome, especially at dusk! You must go up there one evening at sunset to enjoy the sweeping views of the city below you—believe us, you (nor your Instagram feed) will regret this one. #nofilter

I Suppli

This literal hole in the wall is absolutely the best arancini (rice balls) in Rome. Just go up to the counter, say “un suppli,” and enjoy. There’s no way you won’t be satisfied!

Picnic in Villa Borghese


Villa Borghese is also a pretty popular place, but some of its best attributes are little-mentioned in travel brochures. Sure, the views of Piazza del Popolo are incredible, but did you know that you can rent boats and bikes in this sprawling park? There is also a zoo, and tons of separate lawn spaces just crying out for you to picnic on them. It is worth it to spend an entire half (or even whole if you’ve got the time!) day of your trip just relaxing and exploring the grounds of this massive green space.

Flowers on the Spanish Steps


The Spanish Steps of course are must-see on your trip (and walking there on the Via Condotti, home of all of your favorite Italian designers), but if you are there in May you’ll be treated to an especially beautiful sight. During the month of May the steps are covered with gorgeous bright pink azalea flowers—another can’t miss photo op!

What is your favorite spot in Rome? Tell us in the comments below!

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Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.



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