There’s a brand new spin studio in town…and it kicked our butt! 


Spin has been the “it” workout in New York ever since Soulcycle hit the scene a couple of years back. These days you can’t turn the corner without running into a new boutique studio. Just last week, Peloton opened  a brand new flagship location on West 23rd Street in Chelsea—and this is one studio that truly stands out from the rest. Some of the Spa Week staff was invited to test out a class in honor of the opening, and we were absolutely not disappointed!

Upon arrival riders are given special spin shoes (in your size, of course) that clip directly into the Peloton bikes. This allows the rider to truly get into the workout without balance being as big of a concern. Each rider is also treated to a free bottle of Aquaçai water. The brand new studio fits 60 riders and is absolutely gorgeous! Classes range from 30-60 minutes, with varying intervals of intensity throughout. We got to take a ride with the Peloton founder Marion, who is both energetic and encouraging without skimping a bit on the intensity. Almost our entire ride was conducted out of the saddle! If it wasn’t such a good workout, that would have been unfortunate as the Peloton bikes are the most comfortable of all the spin bikes I have ever encountered (if you know spin, this is a huge plus).


The pristine locker rooms come outfitted with plenty of towels, shower shoes, luxury bath products, hair dryers and the like so there is no need for patrons to lug hefty bags with them to class. We got a chance to chat with Peloton founder Marion and she told us her theory behind the studio’s unparalleled amenities. She wanted the lounge to have a “SoHo House” vibe, which was definitely accomplished. There is a Jacks coffee stand, or riders can enjoy the studio’s signature cold pressed juice the Pelotonic (we tried it—delicious!). Marion said, “we wanted our lounge to be like no other fitness lounge. We wanted people to spend the entire day in our lounge.” Believe us—if we could have, we would!

Now here is the real kicker, and what makes Peloton truly the most unique spin studio that we’ve ever tried. Not in NYC where the Peloton studios are located? You can purchase your own Peloton spin bike, which are each outfitted with a personal TV, allowing the rider to remotely participate in different classes which are live broadcast from the NYC flagship (the studio is outfitted for recording, as well!). If that isn’t revolutionary fitness, we don’t know what is.

And thus concludes the best workout we’ve had in a while–we can’t wait to go back in! Learn more about buying your own Peloton bike or booking a class at the new flagship on the Peloton website. We promise you, this is NOT one to miss!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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