Need some Mother’s Day gift ideas? Our Hot Mom Squad dishes on what they would love to be treated to! 


It’s finally Mother’s Day weekend, and we can’t wait to celebrate the women who make all of our worlds go round! We know you’re busy, and picking the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky, which is why we consulted our Hot Mom’s to get some ideas.

From sassy stilettos to seafood dinners, these real-life moms revealed exactly what they’d like to receive on the day that’s dedicated to them, and they’re totally deserving of some special treatment. If you still haven’t secured a gift for mom, don’t worry, you can always give her the gift of wellness, without leaving home!

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Angel of says:

“It is really hard for me to think about what I want for Mother’s Day. I can tick off a laundry list of things  such as: a clean house, quiet-time, an extra hour of sleep, a live-in housekeeper, etc. But what fun are those things?

Then I really ponder and I realize I already have so much – my health, my family’s health, a happy child, a loving husband, a home, what more do I need? But since you’re asking… I’d love a sassy new pair of stilettos, like these  and dinner with a view so I can wear them. This place fits the bill.

Kimberly of says:

Mother’s Day Is Everything To Me! On Mother’s Day of 1993 I was given the BEST gift ever. My wonderful humorous son entered the world 21 years ago.  May 9th was more than I ever hoped for surely more than I imagined as I because a first time mother. So to say the least Mother’s Day has always been a pretty BIG deal in my home. About every five years we share the day because it is Mother’s Day and my son’s birthday on the same day. Then on the other years we just do a week-long celebration because we are always looking for a good celebration and we were gifted with a combo deal.

This Mother’s Day I would LOVE a beach trip with my son.  We LOVE beach trips and after all this a BIG occasion for us as we celebrate 21 years. My vision is a nice three day trip to the coast with a special seafood dinner while watching the sunset and reminiscing about the last 21 years together while we watch the sunrise. Yes, that is what I truly desire. The simple things in life are the best. We will get there after his celebration dinner with friends. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Janis of says:

What do I want for Mother’s Day? My 4 kids were all born within a year (triplets + 1) with the oldest now off at college and the other three starting college in Fall. So, nothing would mean more to me than to have some quality time with all of my kids helping me plant flowers, vegetables and herbs in my organic garden this coming Sunday.

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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