Travel Tuesday presents 5 tips & tricks to packing the perfect suitcase and saving space!

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As we finalize our summer vacation plans, so begins the inevitable obsession with what we’re going to wear on our exotic vacay. The dilemma can quickly consume us and there’s one thing we blame – having to fit everything into one measly suitcase!

Nevertheless, after experiencing several getaways from Sweden to Sardinia, we’d like to think that we’ve become somewhat savvy at perfectly packing a suitcase. In order to stuff in all essentials (and a few extras!) it’s important to keep some tricks in mind, because there’s actually a method behind the madness!

Here, we present the 5 ways to pack a perfect suitcase, and we even included some trendy items that will easily fit into your carry-on!

  1. Stick to solids but spring on statement pieces – A heather gray cardigan goes with just about any outfit, meaning it’ll get tons of use. But it is kind of blah. Splurge on a scarf or necklace that you absolutely love and you can throw it on at the last minute to upgrade any outfit.

    Anthropologie Pillahuinco Scarf available for $48 at

    Anthropologie Pillahuinco Scarf available for $48 at

  2. Pack staples that you can mix and match – While we don’t blame you for wanting to don an over-the-top ball gown as you strut down the streets of Paris, it’s not practical to pack bulky pieces that only serve certain occasions.
  3. Roll clothes instead of folding – This is age-old advice, but for good reason. It has apparently been proven that rolling your clothes saves more space than folding. When dealing with strappy items that easily unroll, use a rubber band to keep them together.

    Contents Boho Glow Double Zip Train Case available for $24.99 at

    Contents Boho Glow Double Zip Train Case available for $24.99 at

  4. Invest in a travel toiletry case – At first this may seem unnecessary, but it is infinitely beneficial to keep all the things you need to get ready in one place. After you stay out a little too late with a few too many drinks, you will be thankful that you don’t have to route through your luggage to find some makeup remover and toothpaste.
  5. Stack sandals and stuff shoes – If you’re going somewhere warm, stack sandals into each other and line the sides of your suitcase with the shoes. If you plan on doing some outdoor activities or hardcore exploring, use sneakers or boots as a makeshift carrying case for everything from socks to swimsuits.

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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