A Family Affair 3-D hardcover“Fern Michaels has long been cherished by readers as much for her poignant tales of adventure, love and family as for her complex, compelling characters and emotionally powerful stories. She is a publishing legend; the author of over 125 books, with more than 70 consecutive New York Times and/or USA Today bestsellers and her work translated into 20 languages. In May 2014, legions of Fern Michaels fans will be delighted with A Family Affair, as a strong-willed dancer finds unexpected love…and gains the courage to live according to her heart. Prior to this, I had been given numerous recommendations but had not yet read a Fern Michaels novel. I tend to avoid the romance genre because most of the modern romance novels do not hold much appeal for me. I took a chance with Ms. Michaels. As the story began with a very typical over-the-top boy meets girl and boy rescues girl style, I rolled my eyes so hard I saw the back of my own skull. I was beginning to regret my decision to do this review. But I soldiered on…I’m glad I did. The story took many turns that I didn’t expect. There was a strong dose of romance, but a dramatic trail of family and revenge also wove its way through the story. The biggest twist in the story made me so sad, yet left me feeling that it was how it should be. (I hate to say more and ruin the story!)” – Tonya Bangart, Tyrneathem.com

“I tend to avoid the romance genre because I’ve never thought of myself as the type to get swept up in stories about smoldering gazes and heaving bosoms.   But then again, the last romance novel I read had Fabio on the cover so it’s been awhile.  A Family Affair begins with the typical over-the-top rich-boy-meets-poor-girl-boy-rescues-girl scenario both literally and figuratively.  But ok, I’m still game, what girl doesn’t dream of a prince rolling in to save the day? Although it could have remained in this fairy tale, it definitively did not; there are so many unexpected twists and turns.  In fact, the romance part ends smack dab in the middle of the book and reality sets in as a dramatic tale of family and revenge. In fact, the biggest twist started right about that time and I was really surprised and saddened, because I was expecting the classic love-conquers-all to swoop in.   Some parts did drag a little, and then it zooms forward in years, so you got the sense the story had so much to say and not enough time.  Overall, I enjoyed the book, especially since sitting down and reading is a favorite past time that has been sadly neglected.  I’m curious now to read some of Michaels’ other books.” – Dawn Smith, Not Just A Mommy  

A Family Affair begins by showcasing the life of a dancer who is drawn in by a wealthy foreign prince. Trish is drawn in by this prince, but as hard as it is to believe, going into a totally different world of wealth is not as easy as it sounds, and Trish had to make many adjustments. Being down to earth had its trials and tribulations when entering a kingdom of richness. This book kept me interested because Trish never gave up on the love of her family and much like some people often forget where they come from, Trish never did. Her family and friend relationships stayed true to herself. If you are looking for a book that is very hard to put down, grab this one!” – Samantha, Southern Saving Sisters

“I have never read anything by Fern Michaels before, but I was pleasantly surprised. She has many more novels under her belt that I may just have to check out. I will admit it took me some time to really get into the book because the characters seemed like they were hard to relate to. The language that is used with the characters is not something that I am used to reading and so it took some adjustment but this would be a great romance for a teenager to say the least.” – Rebecca Wilson, Manic Mama of 2

A Family Affair was a wonderful book that kept me coming back night after night. It was a true fairytale love story of a woman, Trish, who meets and falls in love with Prince Malik of Dubai. The modern edge to this story made it more exciting and interesting to read. I also appreciated the blending of two cultures. The story does not follow the typical happily ever after course that I was expecting, and as I followed the struggles of the characters I became more involved. I love that Trish stayed so down to earth with her new found unlimited wealth and helped her sister and friends get back on their feet after their dirty dealing husbands left them behind for wealth and trophy wives. The two story lines blended well together and added to the excitement. This was my first time reading a Fern Michaels novel and I would most definitely choose to read one of her books again in the future.” – Laura B, Mommy Pure

“If you are a lover of romance novels or looking for a summer read, then this is indeed the book to pick up. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels, comes a captivating and heartfelt new novel, as a young dancer finds an unexpected partner–and gains the courage to live according to her heart. This novel will have you simply falling in love with all the characters and will capture you with its romance, drama and intrigue.  The biggest twist in the story made me so sad, but yet left me feeling that it was how it should be.” – Gina Pomponio, Mommy Posh

A Family Affair by Fern Michaels  revolves around Trish, a dancer in a Vegas Casino. I felt the book was a bit jumpy-it jumped from one scenario to the next-with not much backstory. I felt relationships were not developed enough and just happened–with these characters we really didn’t even know. I found it hard to really feel for the characters because of the pacing of the book. All in all, it was an easy read–and didn’t take much attention to follow what was happening. If you want an easy to read book and one without all the mushy romance this is for you.” – Kiley Smith, Cherry Blossoms {the blog}

“I always enjoy a great book that takes me to another place. A Family Affair starts off like a fairytale. A dancer (Trish) meets a prince (Malik Mohammed) on U.S. soil, and is sent for to travel across the world and be entertained in his home country of the United Arab Emirates. After being swept off her feet by the man of her dreams, Trish learns all is not what it seems. Trish is confused and won’t stand for being alone. She takes matters into her own hands. Will she regret it later or be at peace with her decision? You’ll have to read the book to find out if the fairytale beginning has a fairytale ending. Be prepared to smile, weep, and rejoice in this relaxing summer read by Fern Michaels.” – Tonia Sanders, The Chatty Mama