Summer is coming and it’s time to tone those arms for tank/tube top season!

Arm Flab

After the winter that we’ve just endured, saying that we’re looking forward to summer temperatures is an understatement. However, along with the return of the sunshine comes some added anxiety about the state of our bodies after a long, cold winter hibernation under bulky sweaters and ankle-length puffer coats. As excited as we are to start wearing cute sundresses, flirty sandals and sexy tank tops, it seems like a trip (or twenty) to the gym may be in order beforehand (one of the reasons we’ve recommended waking up an hour earlier!).

Underarm flab is notoriously one of the most complained about spots by women. To help calm your nerves about the issue, we’ve consulted some fitness pros to come up with a routine of six moves that will help you feel better about this pesky problem in just a couple of weeks. Be consistent and do reps of each of these moves every other day, and you’ll start to notice results within a month!

Jennifer McCamish, former Rockette and owner of Dancers Shape studio in Austin recommended two easy exercises to help women reduce that underarm jiggle.

Deltoid “Hug a Tree”



While doing this exercise, think about wrapping your arms around a tree. Starting with arms at your side, open them out to shoulder height, hug atree and return them down to your side. Exhale as you bring your weights together in a smooth, controlled “hugging” motion. This move does wonders for building the deltoid muscles surrounding your shoulders.

Tricep Kickback

Really focus on doing this exercise properly. In preparation, engage your core muscles as you hinge forward at the waist, aligning your head and neck with your spine. Without proper form when doing this or any exercise, you can strain muscles or possibly injure yourself. This is a great exercise for toning the triceps which is where the underarm fat resides.

Lisa Reed, owner of Lisa Reed Fitness provided a few more moves to add into the mix to tone and tighten.


lisa med ball

According to Lisa, push-ups are all about where you place your hands. Varying methods will engage different muscles, and she’s laid out a plan for you to tighten your underarms!

Begin with arms straight, abs engaged, and glutes squeezed, slowly lower your body, bending your arms with your elbows pointed slightly out as you draw the shoulder blades back and down, descend until your chest touches the floor.  The key is to not “let go” of your form as your chest touches. Another variation for when you get stronger is the Tricep Push-Up with Medicine Ball. both hands on top of one medicine ball.

Resistance Band Overhead Extension

Lisa resistance

Using a resistance band, step on one of the handles with your left leg., then with your left arm grab the handle and raise arm straight overhead. Slowly allow your elbow to bend, as the palm lowers to behind the head, until the elbow reached 90 degrees.  Once at 90 degrees, exhale and push the handle upward as you extend your arm overhead.

Brooklyn trainer Franci Cohen of Franci Cohen Fitness added two more moves to make sure that you are beach body ready come summer’s official start!

Equalizer Dips

Begin with a firm grip around the equalizer bars .Extend feet out in front of you. Inhale while slowly lowering and exhale as you bring your body back up for a full range of motion. (Remember, shoulders back, & chest up! Don’t let your shoulders drop lower than your elbows). Repeat for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Diamond Push-Ups

Lie on the floor face down in prone position, and place your hands close together in front of you, allowing thumbs and index fingers to touch. Make sure that you are holding your torso up at arms’ length. Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale. Using your triceps press your upper body back up to starting position as you exhale. Repeat for 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

NYC-based personal trainer Maik Wiedenbach provided some other valuable insight on lifestyle adjustments necessary for weight loss. “In order to tone this area (and lose the flab), one needs to start by losing fat in general, so a basic carb cycling diet would be in order. Increase your exercise volume along with the consumption of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli has shown to have some estrogen lowering qualities and it is in season now), and this should speed up the process of removing the unwanted fat in the area.”

There you have it—underarm flab be-gone! Let us know in the comments how your progress comes along!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.


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    Fabulous article, one of the best ever for easy arm reps to get ready for camis and sleeveless summer dresses! Thanks!

    • Lisa Reed

      Awesome Red Note Botanica! I am doing my Washington DC, Let’s Talk Live, News Channel 8 ABC TV segment on more Summer tank top & dress Arm workouts on Tuesday, July 22nd! I would love for you to connect for more tips! Happy Workout Wednesday!


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