We found the best face masks you can easily apply at home to make sure your skin makes the transition from cold to warm with ease.

Face Masks

After the harsh winter we all just endured, everyone’s skin is thirsting for some serious moisture. While of course we would recommend heading to the spa for a professional treatment, if you don’t have time for a facial right now there are some amazing at-home skin masks that can do the trick, too. So that you know what to look for on your next outing to Sephora, the Spa Week staff tested some of the best face masks on the market. Here are our recommendations (and pro tips!) for which face masks to use when it comes to transitional skincare

First, we tried some hydrating masks perfect for both reviving skin from winter’s damage, and repairing skin after a long day in summer’s intense sun rays:

Arielle, LING Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask


I tried LING’s Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask, the perfect product to soothe and revive dry skin (aka mine after this long winter). The ingredients include Ginseng, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycan.  The mask goes on clear and I wore it for about 20 minutes. Immediately I could see my skin glowing and smooth, and over time the mask helps to reduce redness and improve tone.

Ling Chan, owner of Ling Skincare (a celeb favorite spot!) gave us her most important tip for transitioning into the warm weather. She says that after a day spent out in the sun, it is imperative to use products that contain water to hydrate skin (as opposed to oil), so moisture penetrates deeply.  Good tip to remember when you are packing for your next vacay!

Anne, Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask


This product can be used as a mask for 20 minutes or it can be left on overnight, so I choose the latter and left it on all night.  I have fair, normal-dry skin and my skin still felt soft and hydrated in the morning. I will definitely continue to use this product, maybe more often in during the dry, winter months and a bit less during the summer.

Brynn, Silk’n Renuva Mask   


I am huge fan of the ‘sheet’ face mask so I jumped on the chance to test-drive the Silk’n mask. I love sheet masks because the cotton or plastic material holds the good stuff on for 15-20 mins and removes easily–no scrubbing off goo from your face.

Before applying the mask, I did wash my face thoroughly with cleanser and my Clarisonic so the mask could do the best job possible. The mask felt cooling on my face and stuck well enough I could sit on the couch without it sliding around. The package said to apply for 15-20 minutes but after 8, I could tell most of the product was already absorbed–can we say dehydrated?

After I pulled the mask off, my face definitely looked cheerier. With the sheet masks, you don’t need to wash anything off; you can leave the residual serum on. After patting on some night cream, I hit the sheets and the next morning, my skin was definitely more hydrated.

Liora, Bioelements Kerafole


I was skeptical of this product at first as the packaging clearly states not for sensitive skin types. But, after this horrid winter, my skin was looking looking dull and dry. When I first applied the cream it was a bit tingly, so I knew it was working. I left it on for 10 minutes and I noticed an improvement immediately; my skin was visibly smoother and looked brighter. All in all I think it’s an amazing exfoliating face mask, and the perfect way to peel off an old season to reveal fresh skin for the new!

Kelly, Yonka Masque No 1


I’ve been a fan of Yonka products for years, so that combined with my extra love for face masks recently (they are vital for the transition of seasons), I was especially excited to try this Age Defense/Hydrating mask from the beloved French skincare brand. If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin like me, then this product IS for you. Rather than a clay mask, the texture is of a gel-cream, so it’s pretty seamless to apply. Per the directions, a thick layer should be applied for 20-60 minutes and then blotted off with a tissue. Yes, a tissue. There’s no rinsing off, so you know that the moisturizing effects are serious. After just 10 minutes, I could already feel and see the brightening, hydrating effects of this potent miracle in a bottle. As I write this almost 24 hours later, I am still radiating a healthy glow with just the right amount of firmness, which in my opinion, is exactly how one should feel after using any anti-aging product.

Tip: You can also apply a thin layer before bedtime for overnight use for those really late nights!

Katherine Tomasso, Director of Brand Education at Yonka further explains, “the light weight crème-gel texture of MASQUE N◦1 is perfectly suited for warm weather skin care. An intensely hydrating mask, MASQUE N◦1 contains imperata cylindrica which has sustained and time-released actions for intense hydration. This mask also contains bisabalol from German Chamomile which effectively sedates the on-set of rash even after U.V. exposure.”

Erika, Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask


I really liked the Masque Bar that I used last night! I think it’s perfect to use right before going to bed or getting ready to go out. The best part is definitely how clean and easy it is to apply and remove the mask. I left it on for 20 minutes and once I removed it, my face felt refreshed and even had a little bit of a glow.

Now that you’re able to get your skin hydrated, it’s time to tackle the opposite problem: sweat. When summer hits sweat can easily clog pores and skin gets glowy from perspiration—not what we’re looking for. Here are some more masks to help you combat these problems:

Noelle, Black Rock Mud Company Mudpot


At first glance I loved the cool packaging of the Mudpot mask, and couldn’t believe the plantable box was filled with wildflower seeds! The organic clay from Nevada’s Black Rock Desert promised to purify skin and restore pH balance, which I could definitely benefit from given this hot-and-cold spring weather.

I applied a pretty thick layer of the lightly-scented mud and waited until it dried…which only ended up happening on the outer edges and nose. Nevertheless, when I rinsed the mud mask off my skin was smooth and my pores felt tight. One tip–the directions say you can spritz your face with water as you wait the recommended 5-20 minutes, and I’d definitely do that next time since the dry parts can cause a bit of irritation.

Kaitlin, Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask


This mask does exactly what it claims! Plus, it doesn’t strip your skin like some mattifiers. Within 15 minutes, my skin looked more matte and smooth in just one use. Overtime, the mask can help combat breakouts, blackheads, and decrease the size of pores!

Arielle, Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body


Me again! After moisturizing my skin with LING I got to detox it with Borghese—something I definitely needed. The mask is thick and tingles a bit, so you can definitely feel it working its magic! It comes with a sponge to remove the mask, which added to the exfoliating benefits. Despite looking a bit like Godzilla with the mask on, I LOVED how my skin looked and felt as soon as I took it off. I could immediately see a difference in the cleanliness of my pores and the tone of my skin!

Charlene Deegan, the Director of Product Development at Borghese further explained to my why this is an awesome mask for seasonal transition. “Fango Active Mud Mask is an ideal at-home treatment as we make the seasonal shift from the cold weather to more a temperate climate.  It is a timely deep-treatment prep-step.  Fango Active contains a naturally-occurring clay, which draws out built-up toxins and impurities that can dull skin and clog pores.  It helps accelerate cell-turnover, revealing skin that is smooth, resurfaced and has luminous clarity.”

I will definitely be keeping both the LING and Borghese masks in my skincare rotation all summer long!

Do you have a favorite face mask to use at home? Tell us in the comments below!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.


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