This Memorial Day weekend try these fun beach games that will make you break a sweat!

Memorial Day Weekend

We know you’ve been putting in some serious effort to look your best when you flaunt your bikini body this Memorial Day Weekend, but endless hotdogs and hamburgers have the potential to erase all of that hard work! There’s no way we’re even thinking about hitting the gym Friday through Monday as we enjoy some much needed relaxation, but we have an alternative!

This Memorial Day weekend, whether you’re at the beach, lounging poolside or even soaking up the sun at a nearby park, you can still break a sweat – but while having fun! We found some awesome outdoor games that you and your friends will love playing, and they just so happen to provide built in exercise.

Check out the best beach games to break a sweat during Memorial Day weekend:

Kan Jam

Kan Jam – This high-intensity is game is great for groups, and can provide hours of action-filled entertainment. Teams try to throw a Frisbee into their “kan” and their partner has the opportunity to get involved by trying to deflect an ill-fated throw into the goal. Diving is definitely allowed, especially if you’re playing in the sand, making for a quick cardio workout.

Kan Jam Game Set is available for $39.95 on


Paddle Ball – If you’re the tennis type than you’ll love Smashball –  a beach version of ping pong that doesn’t require a table. Instead, players try to volley the ball as long as possible, and waterproof equipment means you can play in the ocean or on the sand. Either way, you’ll definitely work up a sweat as you try to keep the ball in flight and you’re arms will feel the burn.

Wet Products Smashball Beach Tennis Set available for $9.67 on

Skim Board

Skimboarding – If you’re looking for a fun, yet challenging ab workout than start skimming! These boards are used to ride breaking waves on the ocean’s edge, and require tons of balance. That means that your abs will be fully engaged as you have a blast on the beach!

Boogie Board Wood Skim Board available for $29.99 at


Nighttime Horseshoe – Horseshoe gets a serious upgrade when the gear glows in the dark! Break a sweat after the sun sets with this portable horseshoe kit that lights up. Trust us, after a few games you’ll feel your biceps getting warmed up!

Stream Machine Lighted Horseshoe Set available for $42 on

Corn Hole

Cornhole – Nothing says summer fun like a good game of corn hole. This floating version can be taken out into the ocean, for even more of a challenge! Take it out just past the white wash and tread water as you play to blast some serious BBQ calories!

Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss Pool Game available for $28.58 at

What’s your favorite way to break a sweat at the beach? Let us know in the comments below!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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