9781420132243_500X500The Scandalous Adventures of the Sisters of the Bride by Victoria Alexander is an amazing read from the very first chapter. I became interested in this title from reading the preview of what it was about and Victoria did not disappoint. When reading this book you will think that the story is going to go one way and it changes courses into an interesting surprise. In some ways, I found myself relating to what was going on in the story. Overall, I would recommend this excellent read to any woman who enjoys reading. I do not want to give any spoilers but I will tell you that Delilah is a piece of work.” – Victoria Heckstall, Giveaways 4 Mom

“The Victorian era has never held my interest until reading The Scandalous Adventures of The Sister of The Bride written by the #1 New York Times Bestselling  Author Victoria Alexander.  The impressions of the classic prim and proper fair ladies accompanied by the statuesque yet distant distinguished gentleman have officially been abandoned.  Apparently life and times in the romance-filled days (and nights) of the Victorian period were just as sexy and sassy as any given night in my life, and hopefully yours too!  The scandalous story, romantic “adventures” and cosmopolitan historical characters are a winning combination.  As a new reader of Alexander’s romance novels, I am also a new fan of her enjoyable writing style.” – Denise Murray Wong, niecyisms

“Oh, the lures of going to a wedding and seeing a dashing and very sly man with whom you would like to see again! Delilah and Samuel are smitten with each other right from the start! Of course, Samuel has to overcome some obstacles as Delilah’s first husband did not leave a good impression with her and she is wary of men and sex. But, he does manage to get her attention and then the fun begins! Will it last or is it a fling? One thing is for sure, if you are a romance book junkie, this will be your weekly fix! Lots of romance and lots of should I or should I not? Which answer will Delilah end up giving Samuel? Read the book and escape into romance fairy tale land and join in on the fun!” – Mary Bearden, MMBearCupofTea.com

“It all started one steamy night in New York City. The passion contained couldn’t hold them back from venturing into a seductive night that would forever play-over and over-in their minds. When he mysteriously shows up as a guest in her family’s mansion at Millworth Manor, his presence continues to annoy yet fascinate her. As the days draw closer to the wedding day, Delilah and Sam are battling to prove that the other is right…she for not wanting to be bothered by the emotional strain of l.o.v.e and him for not accepting the fact that the love of his life doesn’t love love!  This book is jam packed with luring scandal, secrets and great business adventures! Great chic lit for those rainy days, home without the kids or hubby. All you need is a lush bath bomb, Moscato and The Scandalous Adventures or the Sister of the Bride. Reading this book left this hopeless romantic completely satisfied.” – Sapphire Kharyzma, Elite Socialistas