It’s almost impossible not to encounter stress in your place of work…but it is possible to keep it a minimum.


While working long hours curled over a keyboard may not seem physically exhausting, desk work definitely takes a toll on the body and can cause some serious stress. We talked to Laurie Towers, CEO of Physical Advantage in NYC (where they perform rehabilitative massage on members of our own Mets, Yankees, Knicks and Jets), about how to combat this issue. Towers first explained to us that “90% of the population houses stress in the upper portion of the body, primarily in the shoulder area. A visual clue is when your shoulders become raised higher than usual.”

To help us relieve some of the tension from the body, Towers suggests taking mini stretch breaks throughout the day. Here are the three easy stretches (that you can do while sitting at your desk!) that she recommends:

  1. While sitting at your desk and upright in your chair, slowly rotate your head from side to side, holding it for 20 seconds on each.
  2. Slowly bring your chin to your chest, and allow the posterior neck muscles to gently lengthen with each movement.
  3. To stretch out your mid-back, while sitting upright in your chair, gradually bring your arm across your chest with your opposite arm and hold for about 20 seconds. Repeat the movement with the other arm.

This, combined with getting away from your desk for quick breaks throughout the day for mental and physical clarity, should help your body and mind remain in a calmer, less-tense state throughout the work day. Increased productivity and focus, here we come!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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