NYC’s Union Square Greenmarket offers much more than organic produce!

Photo by Joye~ via

Photo by Joye~ via

If you’ve ever visited the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC than you know the options are nearly endless when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables. And while we love stocking up on our salad staples at the local and organic produce stands, there are some other amazing finds that are under the radar.

In fact, we discovered some unexpected but totally awesome ingredients – even some with secret health benefits! Whether you live in New York City or are just planning a visit, be sure to scope out these spots at the Greenmarket.

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Sunflower Sprouts at Union Square Grassman

Sunflower is a lesser known sprout packing a seriously healthy punch. They’re a great addition to salads and sandwiches, and high levels of chlorophyll, protein and vitamin C mean they’re great for skin and hair. The Union Square Grassman suggests topping a lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado sandwich with sunflower sprouts for a quick and satisfying lunch.

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Fire Cider at Tweefontein Herb Farm

We discovered fire cider at Tweefontein Herb Farm and were immediately intrigued by the purported health benefits of the medicinal mixture. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is infused with herbs, roots and Thai peppers that boost the immune system and prevent colds. Tweefontein Herb Farm recommends using 1 tablespoons 3-5 times daily for the best results, and the fire cider vinegar can be used to make healthy salad dressing and tasty hot sauce.

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Ethnic Breads at Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen preserves culinary and baking traditions of multi-ethnic breads like Persian nan-e qandi, Moroccan m’smen and Polish bialys. The various bread is made from mostly locally grown and organic ingredients, and picking up a loaf helps support Hot Bread Kitchen’s mission to provide economic security for foreign-born and low-income women and men.

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Wild Seafood at Blue Moon Fish

Caught off of Eastern Long Island, seafood doesn’t get much fresher than this. This local seafood stand got its name from the boat that brings in the daily catch, and offers a surprisingly extensive variety of wild fish. A helpful whiteboard lists what waters the seafood was sourced from, as well as what’s in season and daily specials.

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Vegetable Plants at Van Houten Farms

If you’ve ever been to the Union Square Greenmarket you know there’s swaths of kale, cabbage and just about any veggie you could imagine, but did you know you could score vegetable plants to start your own garden at home? Just a few dollars spent on a tomato or pepper plant could mean convenient sides and salads all summer long.

What’s your favorite stand at the Union Square Greenmarket? Let us know in the comments below! 

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