We consulted the experts for the secrets to a happy life. Try one of these expert happiness tips today!  

Happiness Tips

A quick Google search will confirm that one of the most common things people want to know is how to be more happy. And for good reason – happiness is SO important to living a healthy life.

Whether you want to be more positive in the workplace or feel more cheery during those moments alone, there are actually strategies you can implement to lead a happier life. In fact, we consulted licensed psychotherapist and author Jonathan Alpert to share some expert happiness tips that you can start trying today:

1. Turn Negatives Into Positives – It’s inevitable that you’ll face obstacles in your life, but they don’t have to send you into a spiral of sadness. “Change the way you think by nixing your negative thinking and seeing problems as challenges and opportunities to learn something new,” suggests Alpert. “Think what’s possible, not what’s impossible.”

2. Nix the ‘What Ifs’ – We all have those fears that we may lose our jobs or fall terminally ill, but those thoughts only breed negativity. “Next time you catch yourself thinking this way, turn it around and think about what you can control. Take action rather than being a victim of circumstance and your own negative thinking,” says Alpert.

3. Choose Your Career Wisely – It’s no secret that most adults spend the majority of their day at the office, which is why it’s essential to pick a job that you love. “Those who enjoy their jobs and find it stimulating and meaningful look forward to going to work every day rather than dreading it,” Alpert points out.

4. Focus on Time Not Money – Okay, we all need money to survive but at the end of the day a dollar is just a piece of paper. “Many executives have sat on my couch after being handed bad health news. It wasn’t more money that they wanted at the moment, rather it was time,” says Alpert. “Value it and strike a healthy balance between work and other parts of your life.”

5. Volunteer – Spending time helping others is actually scientifically proven to make you happier because it stimulates the reward center in the brain. Another bonus – volunteering makes us feel more grateful because it, “helps to put our own issues into perspective and not seem so significant,” explains Alpert.

6. Nurture Your Body – In order to feel our best mentality, our body needs to perform optimally. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising will make you feel good physically and happiness will follow suits. “Sleep restores vital bodily functions; eating provides nutrients that keep the body and mind functioning; and moving keeps us in shape and releases key endorphins that ease depression and enhance mood,” says Alpert.

7. Foster Friendships – Human beings are social animals, which is one reason that maintaining solid friendships makes us so happy. “People derive great pleasure and delight from others,” says Alpert. He also recommends making it a point to be friends with happy people. “Happy people tend to be supportive, warm and giving. These qualities will encourage you to be happy too.”

8. Be Aware of Your Senses – Alpert points out that you are much more likely to remember experiences rather than things. “It’s these that have a lasting place in our memories, not material items,” he says. “Go out and experience many things: trips, activities, people, classes, learning, food, culture and whatever adventures you can create.”

9. Let Go of The Past – Grudges are one of the all-time biggest contributors to being UNhappy – so let go of them now! “Holding them allows anger and resentment to fester and prevents happiness from flourishing,” Alpert explains.

10. Follow Your Dreams – Some of life’s happiest moments are when we achieve the dreams and goals that we’ve worked so hard to reach. Challenge yourself by constantly aiming higher, and happiness will abound. Don’t be afraid to try something for the first time, because according to Alpert, “keeping things fresh will allow your brain to remain stimulated.”

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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