Naga Thai massage is the latest spa service to hit the U.S., and we talked to an expert to find out exactly what to expect from this restorative treatment.


Here at Spa Week we’re obsessed with all things spa and wellness, so when we caught wind of a new type of massage we had to do some serious investigating!

While Naga Thai massage has been practiced in Eastern cultures for years, it has only recently made its way to the West – and Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona is already offering the restorative treatments at their world-class facilities. Peter Bird, the Naga Thai specialist at Miraval answered all of our questions and then some!

Find out everything you need know about Naga Thai massage, and tell us if you would try this cutting edge spa service in the comments below!

What is Naga Thai massage? The Naga massage incorporates Traditional Thai Massage with the use of silks hanging from the ceiling. The silks are used to help the therapist and the guest find balance and support. This experience is really about the therapist introducing the guest to a different way of receiving massage while integrating Eastern and Western healing work.

How did Naga massage originate? The Naga Thai massage that we created here at Miraval is from an inspiration that I received from a painting I saw at the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok of a man hanging from a rope while doing bodywork on another person. Naga actually translates to Serpent in the Hindi language and seemed to blend well with the concept of wrapping yourself in the silks for support and balance.

How is Naga massage different than traditional massages? Guests are wearing loose/athletic clothing and tend to be more participatory through the massage to help the therapist better meet their needs and take them into deeper stretches. This service is experienced in a more intimate setting than a traditional spa environment. The Naga Thai massage is more akin to a personal one-on-one session with a specialist rather than the typical meet and greet spa experience. Being outside of the spa in our own dedicated space, we are able to communicate with the guest to hone in on their specific needs and help them understand how to integrate ancient concepts in our Western culture.

Does Naga massage have health benefits? There are many health benefits of Naga Thai Massage, some of the key ones are:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased body awareness, which in turn increases your ability to receive bodywork
  • Allows individuals the space to become aware of their body’s capabilities and become proactive instead of reactive
  • This is an energizing treatment that will leave you feeling uplifted

Who would benefit most from this spa service? People who like deep tissue work would really benefit from and enjoy this service; but, don’t shy away if that isn’t your normal cup of tea because all can find the beauty and healing qualities of Naga. The service is catered to each individual so each person’s results will be unique.

Anything we should know before we get a Naga massage? First and foremost, wear loose clothes! It is a form of Thai massage, with a twist. You’ll likely learn something new about your body and appreciation for the integration of Eastern and Western healing.

If you’re interested in trying a Naga Thai massage, make sure you get the real deal at Miraval Resort & Spa. You can learn more at

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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