We picked the five best top coats to try for your next DIY manicure.

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Every girl knows that the first rule of a proper DIY manicure is not to underestimate the power of a quality top coat. A good top coat can smooth out imperfections, and make even a lackluster polish shine beautifully. Your manicure can be the perfect shade, but if it doesn’t have the proper protection (in the form of a top-notch top coat), it won’t get you very far. In the spirit of DIY, we’ve hand-picked five of the best top coats around, to make your next at-home mani last twice as long!

OPI Top Coat


The OPI Top Coat is a polish-addict’s staple. The easy-application brush makes it perfect for a DIY beginner, but even the most ardent at-home mani girl can trust this top coat to deliver long lasting shine.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat


Perfect for the mani diva on a budget, this drug store buy won’t break the bank (in fact, you’ll probably find it for less than $4 at most places). However just because you’re cutting back on price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality—this top coat gets top ratings!

Seche Vite


Pros love this polish, and so do we. Seche Vite has long been the go-to top coat, trusted by the industry for delivering strong polish protection and making manicures last longer. Plus, the fast-dry technology means less waiting around and more time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather!

Top Shop Nails Top Coat

Base and Topcoat

This glossy top coat is another favorite. The thinner formula means it dries extra quickly. Bonus—you can use two coats of this product as your base coat, too!

Dermelect High Maintenance Nail Thickener


If your nails are thin and break easily, this is the top coat for you. This product utilizes protein-peptide technology to thicken nails by up to 50% in just ONE coat! This fast-dry coat will leave your nails with a glossy sheen. It also contains a UV absorber to protect the color.

What’s your favorite top coat? Share in the comments below!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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  1. Teresa

    I just bought a bottle of the OPI top coat right before Thanksgiving. My nails look as good as they did on Wednesday when I painted them. Incredible after all the cooking, cleaning and washing dishes I did for the holiday! Definitely recommend this one!


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