Meditation is huge in the wellness world today—here are some beginner’s tips for picking up this worthwhile practice.


In this crazy world, we’re always looking for a way to de-stress. Finding just an extra moment of calm in the day is like snagging the last cookie–an elating feeling. One practice that has been rapidly gaining momentum over the past couple of years is meditation. Meditation helps people to slow down, and allows them connect inwardly. The practice can be intimidating for newbies—the thought of clearing your mind with everything you have going on day-to-day is often daunting. To help you ease into the meditative lifestyle, we consulted some experts to get their best advice for beginners.

Gillian Rowinski, certified professional Co-Active Coach, offered her #1 tip for beginners: “Don’t bother trying to stop your thoughts.” Rowinski explains that be unable to achieve a clear mind is the reason many beginners don’t stick with it—they get quickly frustrated and give up. She says instead, to be “kind and curious” about your thoughts, acknowledge them, and come back to your point of focus.

Joy Rains, meditation speaker and author from Washington, D.C. , elaborated “just as it’s the nature of the heart to beat, it’s the nature of the mind to think. Meditation is not a practice of stopping thoughts, but rather, a practice of becoming aware of them.” In order to build on your awareness, continual refocusing is a  necessary practice.

Dr. Kathy Gruver, PhD, author of the new books, Conquer your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques and Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker, gave some beginner tips to remember. Most importantly, “meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal practice. Working mindfulness into everyday activities can show benefit as well.” Another good thing to note: sitting meditation is not the only way to do it! You can try walking or a meditative sport.

In fact, according to Sandy of Joyful Heart Yoga, it is sometimes easier to meditate after a yoga session. She says, “your body is stretched, making it easier to sit; but more importantly your mind has been focused for about an hour while you’ve been doing yoga poses. With the mind already more focused, it’s easier to slip into meditation.”

Lisa Abramson, Co-Founder of Mindfulness Based Achievement, gave some advice for sticking with it. First, she says, start small with just four minutes of meditation daily. Make it a daily habit. Finally, “create a fun ritual around your practice by lighting candles or choosing a special spot in your home to practice daily.”

Do you have any great tips for starting out with meditation? Share them in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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  1. ZenMonkees

    These are really great tips! I’ll add a couple:

    If I’m having a hard time committing or feeling fidgety on any given day, I set a timer; for me it’s for fifteen minutes. It helps me to fully dedicate myself during that allotted time.

    While meditating, try listening to all the sounds around you, first individual sounds, then all at once. This can be helpful if your mind is really active, because it shifts the focus to outside of yourself.

    Happy meditating!


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