This Mani Monday we discovered 6 tips and tricks to get a long-lasting manicure that can stand up to summer.


Between beach days and afternoons outside, being exposed to summer elements can wreak havoc on your manicure. Yet, our busier schedules during the warmer months make it even tougher to keep chip-free nails.

That’s why we did a little research to find out exactly how you can get a long-lasting manicure. We discovered some tips and tricks that may surprise you, and products that boast miraculous capabilities. Find out 6 ways to get a perfect manicure that can stand up to summer:

CND Scrub

1. Clean Nails Thoroughly – It’s imperative that nails be completely clean of dirt and residue to ensure that the polish can properly set and adhere. After you remove old polish with nail polish remover, try using a product like CND ScrubFresh Nail Surface Cleanser to get any leftover grime off.

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Base Coat

2. Use A Base Coat – One of the steps people most commonly step is applying a base coat. The base coat creates a surface for the polish to bond to, and seals it in to prevent chipping. Experts recommend avoiding two-in-one base and top coats for optimum durability. A sticky base coat like Borghese Magnetico Adhesive Base Coat acts like a grip to keep polish intact.

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Glitter Polish

3. Try Shimmery Shades – We all know that the toughest polishes to remove are the shimmery or glittery variety. Use this to your advantage by layering a shimmery polish on top of your manicure to provide a long-lasting finish. Textured polishes are more resistant to chips. We love Formula X Liquid Crystals in a summery shade like Solar Flare.

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4. Coat The Tips – The most susceptible part of the nail to chipping are the tips, which suffer nicks more often. Counteract this by painting an extra coat on the tips. You should swipe on a horizontal line before you apply the first coat in order for it to blend naturally.

5. Let Each Coat Dry – If you want your mani to last longer, a little patience during the process is necessary. Be sure to allow each coat (including the base coat) to dry completely before painting on the next layer. This is crucial because when each coat dries entirely, it can properly bond to the next.

Top Coat

6. Reapply Top Coat Often – A little bit of maintenance can go a long way, especially during summer when you’re contending with the sun and sand. Swipe on a layer of top coat every few days to counteract the wear and tear that your nails are exposed to. A quick dry version like Deborah Lippman Addicted To Speed Top Coat means that reapplying only takes a few minutes.

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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