New fitness class, the B-Method takes Active Resistance Training to the next level.


In our pursuit to consistently bring you the best workout knowhow, two Spa Week staffers ventured uptown to check out the newest fitness craze to hit Crunch gyms. This class was created by trainer extraordinaire Terri Walsh, who developed the concept of Active Resistance Training. A.R.T. is a technique in which you engage the body’s four active resistance points while exercising—namely the belly button, ribs, shoulders and feet.

Never having tried the A.R.T. method we weren’t quite sure to expect. Upon arriving at Crunch, the class was laid out with yoga mats and large foam blocks, the kind of you might find in a nursery schooler’s playpen, just less squishy. The B-Method uses these foam blocks to place natural resistance on your body. Pushing them together with your hands or into the ground increases your level of active resistance.


The classes are hour-long sessions of core conditioning, including moves like lunges, squats, planks and push-ups. The blocks are added in at different points for extra resistance and to make a move harder. The B-Method will work your entire body—however you will mainly feel it in the weakest areas (the next day my glutes and thighs were so sore!).

After experiencing the class ourselves, we would absolutely say that it is a must-try. This class will give your muscles a serious workout, and you’ll work up quite the sweat in the process. After a couple of weeks training with Terri, we have no doubt that you’ll be feeling beach vacation-ready and more confident in your body than ever!

Photo Credit: Crunch

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.


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