Happy Friday! Before we send you off for the weekend, here are the must-read stories from around the web this week.


Truth in Aging sought out other, healthier alternatives to try before succumbing to Botox. (Four Things to Try Before Botox)

Ready to upgrade your digs? The Luxury Spot has some tips to help you improve your space, right now. (7 Things You Need to Chic Up Your Casa)

Is a friend or colleague’s constant negativity becoming too much? Fitness & Feta reveals the way to deal with the downers in your life. (Tips For Dealing With Negative People)

Is Juicy really forever or are the early ’00s actually over? Refinery 29 breaks the news. (A Fond Farewell to Juicy Couture)

Because we love to love books…this Buzzfeed article is spot-on. (19 Dilemmas Every Book Lover Has Faced At Least Once)

It’s here! “Hunger Games” fans, you can officially start getting excited for “Mockingjay: Part 1.” Check out the trailer on E! Online. (Josh Hutcherson is Eerily Silent in the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer)

Is it time to ditch those non-supportive sandals for good? The Luxury Spot has some new insight. (The Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot)

Well, of course you want to see video footage from Bey and J’s wedding. Duh…thank you US! Weekly. (Beyonce, Jay-Z Share Never Before Seen Wedding Footage)

Truth in Aging investigates the lengths your fave A-listers go through to stay young. (Skin Care Concerns of the Summer’s Biggest Celebrities)




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