summer daysSummer Days is a well written compilation of stories by four great authors. Each story draws you in and makes you believe that what you are imagining through the words is actually happening. Each will leave you wanting more once you have the last word but just flip the page and begin another great story. A great summertime read that is sure to make your summer reading a good one.” – Kimberly Fouche, Twinkling Trees

“I chose to review Summer Days, a compilation of four summer themed stories. The book is lengthy (471 pages in total) but it goes by fast because each story is easy to read. It’s the perfect book for on the go because you can stop and start and not get lost in the details. While the settings are all different, the themes are pretty much the same and predictable. The main characters in each of the stories are young women recovering from relationships gone bad but eventually come around to giving love another try with the help of friends and family. While this book won’t go down as a classic, it is a satisfying choice for something free-spirited and relaxing – just like a summer afternoon.” –Caryn Payzant, TheMidLifeGuru