978-0-8129-8427-91Wedding Night opens from the perspective of one of the book’s two main characters, Lottie, who is out to lunch with her boyfriend, Richard. She is sure he is going to propose—so sure that she has even bought him an engagement ring. Was that mistake number one? We’ll soon learn that all Richard wants to discuss is taking a trip together. The disappointment causes Lottie to have a public freak out, and breaks up with him in the restaurant.

We then get to hear from our second leading lady, Fliss. Fliss is always there to pick up the pieces after Lottie suffers a break-up, and she knows the pattern. First, Lottie will pretend that she’s okay. Then, she will decide to make a major life change, which Fliss has collectively dubbed her “Unfortunate Choices.” Fliss just knows that one is coming, and quickly begins brainstorming how to head this one off at the pass.

Lottie’s first love Ben, who she met on her gap year while living on the Greek Isle Ikonos, happens to contact her the same week that her relationship with Richard goes south. They meet up for dinner and Ben proposes to Lottie on the spot (they haven’t seen each other in 15 years!) and she agrees to marry him. To keep things romantic, the pair decides not to consummate their relationship until after the wedding night.

Fliss sees this as her one opportunity to save Lottie from another “Unfortunate Choice.” Fliss, who is the editor of a major travel magazine, happens to know the management at the Amba, the hotel Lottie and Ben have chosen for their honeymoon escape. She enlists the help of one of the hotel staffers, Nico, to make sure that Ben and Lottie don’t have sex. She knows the pain of divorce, and wants to help Lottie cancel out her latest “Unfortunate Choice” with an annulment.

What ensues is a hilarious, heartfelt story about a pair of sisters and their love interests getting them into trouble. Wedding Night is witty and fun. Make sure to slather on the SPF when you’re reading Wedding Night at the beach, or you’ll be good and burnt before you take a minute to look up! You’ll happily breeze through this fun read in just one summer weekend, we can guarantee that.

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Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.