Happy almost Fourth of July! Before we send you off for the long weekend, here are the must-read stories from around the web this week.


Women who want to remove wrinkles no longer need to go straight to Botox. Truth in Aging shares other options. (Five Things to Try Before Fillers)

Want a chic summer wardrobe without spending a fortune? Check out these ENTIRE outfits under $75 from Refinery 29. (3 Cheap & Perfect Summer Outfits)

Is your ice coffee habit bordering on addiction? xoJane shares some (simple!) tricks to cut back. (Help Me Help You Cut Back On Coffee)

Ever wondered why your bug sprays smell so bad? They’re packed with chemicals! Here are 4 natural alternatives, rounded up by Into the Gloss. (All-Natural Bug Sprays That Smell Nothing Like Bug Sprays)

Turns out, there is real evidence behind why music helps you get a better workout. Everyday Health breaks it down. (7 Reasons You Should Listen to Music When You Workout)

Is “Hocus Pocus” getting a sequel? The Luxury Spot investigates. (There’s Going to Be a Hocus Pocus Sequel)

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