16070798The last time guidance counselor Beth Maller couldn’t find the strength to stand up to a bully, her son was killed. In that instance, it was her pushy husband who insisted that the roads were safe for her son, Danny to drive during a winter storm. When Beth returns to work shortly after Danny’s death, she comes up against more vicious bullying within the school and has to make a choice.

Beth knows that the administration under which she works would prefer her to keep her opinions to herself, but after all that has happened to her, she knows better. Beth does what she can to protect a bullied girl and belittled teacher, risking both her career and marriage. The story follows the choices that Beth has to make in her professional life in the wake her of her own personal tragedy.

Danny’s Mom explores what happens when someone tries to stick up for what they believe is right. Each chapter ended in a way that made the book hard to put down. Wolf paints a scary and sad, yet realistic portrait of a typical high school community. Danny’s Mom is a perfect summer reading choice for parents and students alike.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.