The Anya Method combines pilates, yoga and meditation for the ultimate mind body experience.

Anya Method

Have you been searching for a challenging, yet invigorating workout that tones the whole body and specifically targets the lower abs? If so, than look no further because we discovered the Anya Method and it’s the latest fitness class that promises some tummy tightening results.

So what exactly is the Anya Method, you may be wondering. “The Anya Method is a system of yoga techniques that focuses on core principles of alignment, awareness and breath work,” says Laura Colon, an experienced (and incredibly zen-ful) teacher at midtown’s Studio Anya. “It integrates various modalities such as yoga, pilates and meditation to achieve optimal mind + body fitness.”

While the spacious locale offers a variety of signature classes, (including anti-gravity yoga!) we were blown away by a semi-private tone class that provided one-on-one instruction and a customizable pace. There are a maximum of 3 students in the hour-long class that combines pilates equipment, support wall, rebounders and more.

“No matter what class you take, you will experience our unique approach to fitness through our HOT (Hands On Toning) Therapy,” Laura explains. “Our hands-on touch work contours the whole body, melts tension and accelerates results for getting shape.”

While the scary-looking rebounders were intimidating at first, you could feel the isolation of hard to reach muscles like the lower abs. Laura was on hand to provide helpful adjustments and encouragement, making the experience completely effective even for a first-timer. We would definitely recommend taking this class to tone the whole body in a single hour-long session.

For more information on the Anya Method or to book a class go to and let us know what you think about this workout in the comments below!

Photo Courtesy of Studio Anya

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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