Now I See You_Nicole C. KearAt 19 years old, Nicole Caccavo received a stunning diagnosis—she was going blind. Instead of making preparations for inevitable disability, however, Nicole took a different approach to her impending fate. After breaking the news to her family, Nicole heads to Europe to explore—“Carpe Diem!” in her own (or you know, Horace’s) words.

Nicole is bound and determined to live life to the fullest, and see what she can do while she still has the ability. She walks us through her hilarious hijinx as she hides her blindness for as long as possible (probably longer than recommended). Between her numerous romantic endeavors, a run at circus school, and trying to make it as an actress until she gets hurt too often during the black-out scene changes, Nicole has no shortage of life experiences to entertain readers. Her big Italian family, including loving parents, unforgettable Nonny and a rambunctious group of aunts, uncles and cousins make for a lively cast of characters who add humor and warmth to the story.

Everything changes for Nicole when she falls in love, marries and learns that she is pregnant. She has to decide what is more important—her pride, or the wellbeing of her unborn child. We learn that sometimes, it might take the loss of physical vision for someone to finally see things clearly in ways that are far more meaningful.

Though the book is laden with humor—including “Tips for the (Secretly) Blind,” sassy quips from Nicole and comical input from her family—the real underlying lesson will not be lost on readers.  Now I See You is a truly touching tale that will make you laugh, love, and most importantly leave you with an altered perspective. This summer’s must-read book!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.