Cutting TeethCutting Teeth follows a Brooklyn-based playgroup that transports their social circle out East to Long Island one hot August weekend to enjoy a last hurrah before summer ends. Throughout the weekend, each parent is forced to confront his or her own internal struggle, and examine what length they will go to in order to guard their deepest secrets.  The story switches perspective between each adult character, giving the readers insight into each person’s unique neuroses and inner monologue.

Nicole, who offers to host the weekend at her parent’s house, is facing severe anxiety, fueled by internet chatrooms and wildfire rumors. Leigh, a woman who from the outside seems privileged, is hiding a secret that could destroy her reputation, proving that appearances aren’t always what they seem. Allie is an artist who is married to Susanna, who cares for their twins and is very pregnant with their third child. Tiffany, the fit, sexy mom trying to fit in with the rest of the group dangles dangerously close to infidelity through flirtation with Rip, the playgroup’s only male. Rip is a stay-at-home-dad, who desperately wants another child—but needs a sperm donor and acquiescence from his hesitant wife. The weekend away forces each of the parents to face both what is plaguing them and their place in the group, for better or for worse.

Cutting Teeth captures the uncertainty that comes with becoming a first-time parent while still in a phase of self-discovery. This realistic, modern take on parenting and the issues of our time will capture readers from start to finish, and more importantly, force them to evaluate their own behaviors. The story flows just like a late summer weekend itself. By the end of it, it is clear that change is inevitable.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.