Fashion blogger Elle Fure has mastered the art of effortless ensembles, and shares her tips for nailing the perfect outfit – every single time!

Elles Empire State

Have you ever seen the websites of ultra-chic fashion bloggers and wondered how the stylish set consistently come up with looks that are perfectly put together? Well, you’re not alone. While we may know a thing or two about the latest trends, when it comes to envy inducing ensembles we wouldn’t dare claim expertise.

That’s why we consulted one of our favorite fashion bloggers to give us some tried and true tips! Elle Fure, of Elle’s Empire State, has garnered quite a reputation for mixing high fashion pieces with affordable wardrobe staples to create effortless ensembles time and again.

“As a blogger, there’s a constant pressure to conceptualize and produce new, innovative outfits to inspire readers and keep them entertained,” Elle says. “While some outfits become one-hit-wonders, others become instant go-to’s that can be worn – with a few fresh tweaks – for many different occasions.”

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For beginners experimenting with more fashion-forward ensembles, Elle suggests structuring an outfit around one statement piece. “For this outfit my starting point was my pink peplum hem skirt from ASOS. I’m a big fan of feminine silhouettes, and this skirt hugs your body in all the right places.”

Full of practical wisdom, Elle points out that pencil skirts can be risky for more petite frames. Her solution – add some heels for extra height! “I opted for a pair of chunky Prada pumps, which added a subtle ‘60s vibe to the ensemble.”

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The fashion blogger also recommends offsetting form-fitting pieces with a looser counterpart, like this vintage top she uncovered at a Brooklyn thrift shop. “The belt and knit combo really contributes to the outfit’s bohemian flair,” she says.

And, as evidenced on the Norwegian blogger’s stunning site, no outfit is complete without the perfect purse. “Since this was a daytime look, I needed a big, holds-everything-you-own bag. Clare Viver’s leopard-print Simple Tote did the trick.”

And voila! An ensemble worthy of the pages of Vogue is complete! In case you missed anything, here’s a list of Elle’s fashion tips:

1. Build an outfit around one standout piece

2. Offset a body-hugging bottom with a loose-fitting top

3. Elongate legs by always pairing a pencil skirt with a high heel

4. Add animal print accessories to jazz up an unpatterned look.

If you liked Elle’s expert fashion tips than you’ll LOVE her blog! Click here to check out and tell us which look you want to learn about next!

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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