Looking for a killer ab and lower body workout? The Pure Barre studio in Williamsburg will deliver results – faster than you could imagine!

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These days fitness fads come and go with the seasons, but the barre method has been a mainstay for a couple of years and counting. When we were invited to the recently opened Pure Barre studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to try out a class, we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to put this highly acclaimed workout to the test.

The new studio in Williamsburg is a beautiful space – clean, airy and intimate. The studio where the classes are held is brightly lit and covered in a soft carpet, which lends an inviting allure, while also aiding with grip. After meeting the studio owner, multiple friendly instructors and getting equipped with a pair of sticky socks, we were ready for our first (and certainly not last!) Pure Barre experience.

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Each Pure Barre class consists of 55 minutes of full-body toning and utilizes a set of two, three or five pound weights (or even a combination – whatever works best for you!), a small ball and a resistance band. Some of the workout is done on the ballet barre, while other parts are done with the equipment or just natural body resistance. Rounds of ab-blasting, thigh-burning and sweat pumping sets are interspersed with stretching throughout the class, which constantly keeps you on your toes – literally!

No two Pure Barre classes are the same, however you can expect a similar flow from each. The class incorporates moves you’ll be familiar with, like push-ups and planks, but at Pure Barre, the smaller the movement the better. In fact, most of the exercises are most effective when executed using tiny pulses, which isolates and tones hard to reach muscles like the lower abs and thighs.

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It’s easy to understand why barre workouts have quickly gained momentum among women—the hips, thighs, abs and arms are precisely targeted to produce results many other methods aren’t able to achieve. Our muscles were seriously shaky after just the first few moves, but in a way that makes you know you’re doing it right. Pure Barre  boasts that patrons can see improvement in just 10 classes, and after our experience, we’re definitely convinced. Pure Barre has officially made our list of favorite (and fun) workouts!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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