Emily GiffinShea Rigsby has been best friends with Lucy Carr since childhood, and has come to be considered part of her famous football family. When Lucy’s mother tragically passes of cancer, it’s only expected that Shea be alongside Lucy and her father, Coach Carr, as the tightknit Texas town shows up in throngs to pay their respects.

But nothing is quite the same after, and Shea is suddenly faced with the reality that she has never challenged herself to step out of the only small town she’s ever known. Working for the local college’s sports department, Shea feels obligated to look after Coach Carr, but is that the only reason she finds herself spending more time with her best friend’s father?

Readers will relate to Shea’s coming-of-age experience as she goes after her dream job, and her dream guy, while having to make tough decisions along the way. Slowly learning that people might not be quite who they seem, Shea struggles to reconcile with her feelings and loyalties in this Friday Night Lights-inspired novel.

Perfect for the beach, The One & Only delivers unexpected twists and turns at lightning speed. If you’re a sports fan, hail from a small town or have tested the bond of a best friend, this book will show you that you’re not alone – and that often in the end things turn out like you’d never expect.

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily