natucketWhen Maggie McIntyre and Emily Porter meet on Nantucket one summer as young girls, the duo become fast friends. Maggie is an island native, who lives on Nantucket year-round with her widowed mother and brother, Ben. Emily is cut from New York society, lives uptown with her parents and summers on Nantucket every year. From the beginning of the novel class disparity plays a central role in the characters’ lives.

Maggie and Emily’s bond is close, despite their parent’s differences. Both girls love exploring the island and writing fantasy stories. The girls bond grows as such that they decide to christen themselves ‘Nantucket Sisters.’ As they age, Maggie and Emily tackle issues of romance, friendship and class together.

As a teenager, Emily falls in love with Maggie’s brother, Ben, and they pledge to stay together through college. As it happens, young love doesn’t always last. The idea that Ben won’t be able to provide Emily with all that she is used to comes into play, starting the demise of this relationship. Emily and Maggie grow apart after Emily and Ben’s failed romance. It is not until, in a strange twist of fate, handsome stranger Cameron Chadwick disrupts both girls’ lives that they are brought back together. It is then that we learn how deep the bonds of friendship can truly run.

Nantucket Sisters is anchored by well-developed characters and a fast-moving plot. The twists and turns really pick up towards the middle of the story, making the book hard to put down. The vividly portrayed setting in picturesque Nantucket makes this story a true beach book–one that we definitely recommend settling down with before this summer ends.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.