The best Free Organization Apps of 2014 will save some serious time and help you keep your life in order!

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We’ve been told for years that the purpose of technology is to free up more time, so why does it seem like in 2014 we’re busier than ever? Between work, family, friends and social media it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on, and being organized has become increasingly essential in our fast paced world.

If just the mere mention of organization sends you into a nervous panic, we have some information that might relieve you. There are tons of new apps on the market and some of the best new services to debut this year help you order and compartmentalize your busy life in some really ingenious ways! Did we mention they’re all FREE?

Check out the best Free Organization Apps of 2014 and tell us which one would make the biggest difference in  your day-to-day:

Easily Do

EasilyDoThis free app is pretty much a personal assistant in your pocket! It synchs with just about every program on your phone so that it can remind you of important things on a customizable level. It can even alert your significant other if you’re running late at the office! Get the free organization app here.


EvernoteWhile this app isn’t necessarily a newcomer, it has some serious staying power – and that’s no coincidence! It’s the most comprehensive note organization app, and easy search-ability along with multi-platform synchronization makes it a no-brainer. Get the free organization app here.


iftttThis organization is so useful because it automates small tasks, taking the legwork out of your to-do list. You can tell ifttt exactly what you want to be reminded of or alerted to, for instance “send me a text message when I have a calendar event” or “send me the weather report at 8 a.m.” Get the free organization app here.


ClozeMade with the social media mogul in mind, Cloze collects tweets, Linkedin updates, emails, etc. from your list of contacts and organizes them by priority level. Keep your boss near the top of the list so you can stay in the loop with minimal effort and time spent. Get the free organization app here.


MintOne of the toughest thing to keep stay on top of are finances, but Mint can stick to even the tightest budgets! This money manager tracks, budgets and manages your money – all in one place. It even has the ability to automate loan payments and retirement accounts! Get the free organization app here.

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

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