This Manicure Monday we’re bringing you instructions for a DIY that you won’t be able to resist—watermelons, in just five steps!


Watermelon Day is this coming Sunday, August 3rd, and we figured there could be no better way to get in the spirit than a festive summer manicure. This one may look complicated but it’s easier than you think to craft this cute DIY. Follow along below for instructions on how to get these nails that look (almost!) good enough to eat–in just five simple steps!

You will need five bottles of polish to create this design–pink for the base, white for the inner rind, green for the outer, black to paint the seeds, and a top coat to seal it all in! You will also need binder hole reinforcements and toothpicks.


Step 1: Paint nails one thick coat (or two, depending on the opacity of your polish) of pink.


Step 2: Use binder reinforcements to create an oval tip on your nails. Make this about 2.5x as thick as you would a French tip. Paint these area white. Let dry, and remove reinforcements (they may leave some sticky residue which you will have to peel off).


Step 3: Once the white is completely dry, place reinforcements again halfway up the white tips. Paint this area green, let dry, and remove reinforcements.


Step 4: Use a toothpick to dot on the black seeds. It is easiest to pour a bit of the polish out onto a napkin, dip in the toothpick and gently dab onto nails.

Step 5: Once all colors have dried completely (we’d recommend giving it a couple of hours so that the colors don’t run), seal your design with a top coat!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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