Macomber_Love-LettersAt the center of Debbie Macomber’s new romance novel is Jo Marie Rose, an inn keeper living a relatively quiet life in Cedar Cove after her husband’s tragic death. Yet, from the beginning of this multi-plot story, it’s clear that the Rose Harbor Inn is about to witness some serious drama unfold.

First, there’s 23-year-old Ellie Reynolds, who is staying in the sleepy town to take an online relationship to the next level without the pressure of her mother’s watchful eye. After Tom sweeps her off her feet, she’s sure that this time her mom didn’t know best, until she discovers her potential soul mate may have intentions that aren’t completely pure.

Then there’s Maggie and Roy Porter, who are taking a much needed reprieve after months of infidelity has riddled their marriage. Maggie is determined to keep an open and positive perspective in her efforts to make the relationship work, but the shocking repercussions of a one-time fling may just be the final straw that sends the couple to divorce.

And as the Rose Harbor Inn’s guests face difficult realities, uncertain circumstances and unavoidable heartbreak, owner Jo Marie is struggling herself with a local handyman that has some secrets of his own. This book is a true page-turner thanks to alternating plots each chapter, and readers will be able to easily relate to the characters’ distinct personalities.

This book is perfect to bring to the beach, and you’ll feel transported to the quaint main street setting while getting swept away in the surprising twists and turns. A must-read for summer!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.