The newly opened BFX studio has a different take on Barre that will push your body to its limits to tone and tighten. 

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To our delight, we’ve been seeing new boutique fitness studios pop up across Manhattan all summer long. After developing a recent obsession with barre, we were thrilled about the new BFX Studio that landed right in our backyard (in Chelsea!) last week. This gorgeous new space is clean, bright, airy—basically everything you could want from a fitness studio. The Chelsea location is split into two halves, one side is the barre room and the other side is a spin studio.

We opted to try BFX Barre, one of the studio’s “Master Classes.” We quickly discovered that BFX Barre is a dynamic power class, ideal for building lean muscles. Each 60 minute session involves a combination of the typical barre moves (like those we tried a couple of weeks ago at Pure Barre) and choreographed cardio dance moves, making for one seriously intense workout.

Each class attendee used a mat, two gliders, two free weights and a one pound ball for the workout. The beginning of the class focused on the lower body, with squats and lunges (sometimes incorporating the gliders). This is also the time that will really get your heart-pumping, incorporating more of a cardio dance aspect. Eventually, full-body moves like planks and push-ups are worked in.

Periods of stretching are splashed between bouts of cardio, yoga, toning and barre, keeping your muscles awake and improving flexibility as the class wears on. Towards the middle of the class it’s time to move to the ballet barre that surrounds the edge of the room. This is when the smaller, more typical movements of a barre class are utilized. However during BFX classes, a broader range of motion is also used during some moves, including reaching cross body with the small ball.  At the end, weight lifting and movements targeting the abs are incorporated.

BFX provided a truly next-level barre experience. The combination of heart-pumping cardio moves with careful toning technique makes for a low-impact, yet highly effective workout. Each BFX studio Master Class session costs $30, or you can buy an unlimited pass that works for all of the different class options. We’re looking forward to trying the other Master Classes offered at this top-notch location!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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